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Posted September 28, 2012 - 09:07 PM

I don't know how to start this, other then saying how great this place is. Lately I have been very busy and feeling rushed on everything. On top of that, NONE of my stuff is working the way it is supposed to. I am not only talking about tractors, I mean everything I have, has a problem with it right now. And it could not have happened at a worse time. It has been about a week since I have gotten anything productive done. And, things are starting to catch up with me now. One thing that I absolutely hate falling behind on is mowing, now I am getting behind on that. I wanted to mow my lawn Monday, and my neighbors Tuesday. Well, neither of them have been mowed yet. I think I am going to have to get up tomorrow morning, swallow my pride and ask neighbor Herby to use his tractor. After I am done with that, I hope I will have enough time and energy left over to figure out what is going on with the carb on the '75.

Because of everything I have on my plate, I have been very stressed out. Tonight is the first time in too long that I have been able to sit down and actually read what you guys are up to, and contribute to the madness. I want to thank ALL of you for being here and doing everything you do, even though most of you don't know it.

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Posted September 28, 2012 - 09:16 PM

Hey Ryan, we all get busy from time to time... Just try real hard not to let "stuff" get you down.

I feel your pain, work has been kicking me squarely in the "just south of the belt" region for several weeks. Things may be looking up tho, the boss hired a new guy who may be trainable (oh, that reminds me... I need to buy scooby snacks and bananas) and hopefully he can take a little of the warehouse maintenance off the regular staff.

One more thing, you just remember all the times you've helped out the neighbors and don't for one minute feel bad about asking to borrow a mower while yours is under the weather. They know what kind of man you are and should be eager to help you out.

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Posted September 28, 2012 - 09:17 PM

Ryan, don't feel bad, the grass here is deep too, and that's because neither Dad or I have gotten a chance to mow it down. Oh, my truck is not 1300 miles past its oil and filter change. Only 2 of my tractors run right now. And on top of that I have identified the home of a fifth groundhog, before I only knew of 4. Also, has anyone noticed winter is coming!!

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Posted September 28, 2012 - 09:29 PM

Ryan, Welcome to adult hood. It happens to all of us, everything breaks and then you find you have to do this and that and everything seems to put you that much behind. Just relax and keep doing what you can each day. Before you know it you will catch back up it's only temp thing. If you think you're busy just think about Daniel and all that he goes through. :thumbs:

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Posted September 28, 2012 - 09:43 PM

It gets better ... There will come a day when you think "life can't get any better this". There will also come a day when this week will be the story you tell "the new guy" when he complains he has to much on his plate to make it to work on time.
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Posted September 28, 2012 - 10:04 PM

Its times like these when I just have to say "this to shall pass". It won't be long, and you'll be saying "I'm sure glad thats over". You have a good head on your shoulders Ryan, and I always enjoy reading what you have to say, and I'm sure you know you can always come here to blow off steam, and get a little encouragment. :thumbs:

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Posted September 28, 2012 - 10:35 PM

Ol Ben Franklin had it right when he said haste makes waste. Just take one chore at a time,take enough time to get it right.
It will all work out.

#8 Bmerf OFFLINE  


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Posted September 28, 2012 - 11:02 PM

We should be thanking you for taking time out of what we know is a busy schedule. Life will always pull you in many directions, and friends know this and accept it a part of life. A true friend will always be there no matter how long it has been since the last time they have seen you. Take care of what needs to be taken care of; true friends only care about your well-being; your friends will be here for you when you return.
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Posted September 29, 2012 - 12:47 AM

Quit yer bellyachin and get out there and cut in the dark.

Did that help?

Prolly not. Just keep at it.

#10 KennyP ONLINE  



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Posted September 29, 2012 - 05:02 AM

Hang in there, Ryan. There is a lot of good advice in the posts above. And we're always here to help when we can. You'll get caught up, just may take a bit.

#11 JDBrian OFFLINE  


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Posted September 29, 2012 - 06:48 AM

Ryan, this is a situation that you will run into all your life. When I get overwhelmed with too many jobs on the go I try to stop and think about what really has to be done and what can actually wait. In that way you can prioritize the jobs that are really important and put the other stuff out of your mind. I find that when I stop and take the time to think through the situation there are usually several items that really aren't that important. Then I pick a top priority item, plan what I'm going to do, and then get it done. Taking time to plan at the start saves time later.
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Posted September 29, 2012 - 06:57 AM

I agree with everything said here, life has its ups and downs, just hang in there. I have enough projects here for at least a year, and more keep popping up.

Now with the transmission in the Van making noise, I may have to float a loan to pay for it, I'll know more next week.

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Posted September 29, 2012 - 07:14 AM

Take a few minutes to sit down and make a list of what needs to be done. Determine which items on the list require that another item must be completed before you can do it and prioritize. As you go down the list you will find that you will have to adjust your priorities and add new ones but just keep working on the list.
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#14 marlboro180 OFFLINE  

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Posted September 29, 2012 - 07:30 AM

Things get nuts from time to time Ryan, I know my life sure has had it's moments. Mechanical things break, that's just the way things are... Then we fix them and move on however frustrating that may be at the moment.

You sure are right though, this forum is full of a lot of great people and support that help us all get through those frustrating times. Hope things turn the corner for ya, and I thought I would include a little pic for ya :-)

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#15 HDWildBill OFFLINE  


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Posted September 29, 2012 - 09:08 AM

Ryan, reading Marlboro's post I was reminded what a buddy of mine told me recently. "Anything man made is not a matter of will it break but when it will break". There is a lot of good advice here. Hang in there tomorrow will be a better day.