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#16 robert_p43 OFFLINE  

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Posted September 19, 2012 - 08:22 PM

so I got on my grease gun with the needle point and made a little hole and grease the idler pulley.
I use a little gasket sealer the cover the little hole for the needle point.
I have been greasing them that way for years. saves me a lot of money, instead of buying new pulleys all the time.
I grease them when ever I think they need a shot of grease.

This is a great idea. Not only does it save pullys but the well greased pullys must save on belt wear too.
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Posted September 19, 2012 - 09:23 PM

glad to have you have
you you have any ideas pass them along. we are always looking and thinking of different ways to do things
an ideas passed along start others thinking

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Posted September 19, 2012 - 09:58 PM

Another way of adding grease to a bearing is with a syringe filled with grease. I prefer the ones with larger diameter needles. Slip the needle under the lip of the seal and apply grease. Can be used after drilling a small hole on shielded bearings.
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Posted September 29, 2012 - 09:10 PM

the story continues

He wanted a bigger deck and I told him that I am rebuild a old E067 - 47" deck
the deck needed to have welding done on it - so I took it to a local welding shop
came back a few hours later to get it - Ouch he said he worked on it for for hour
which he did. he did a great job welding it, I would have burned holes in it and it would be junk.

cleaned it up and a fresh paint job, all new bearings, found both belts for it - old belts but them still
have a good life in them. all back to together

So I loaded it up in the truck along with my tractor and plow. They are wanting to put in a garden next year
and I said that they can asked their landlord if he would plow the garden for them. But they wanted me to plow the garden

I got there and we remove the 39" deck and he said that he just replaced the belt to the deck. so I look over the deck
and the drive pulley was trying to come off. it was loose and only 3 of the 6 tabs that hold the two pulleys together were
broke. so we talked about it for a while and I do not know why it broke that way.
so we put on the 47" deck and he said that is bigger and had to go mow with it to see how it did. he said that will cut his mowing time down. So I told he the price I would like to have $125 and the old deck - then I said you are not going to be able to use the new belt with the 47" deck and showed he the different between them and said with the new belt $100. he said that sound fair.

so we talked for a while and his wife can home and we talked about the garden where they would like it.
still had my 212 on the truck and start getting it ready and I said oh dam I left the lift bar a home
they said what - I showed them the hitch and the plow and the lift bar is at home and I can not lift the plow up and down.
they said that is was not a problem, they did not need to have it done today.

I told them I was liking to get it done. because I am going to have eye surgy done soon and I do not know for sure when I could come back.

stopped a friend house to show he the pulley. he said it will not take much to weld it back together and that when welding it with the bearing in it that to weld a little bit and let it cool and weld some more and let it cool and weld some more,

go home and took it off the deck and the bearing did not feel right - like it is bad. so I got the bearing out and took the pulley off and cleaned them all up

the wife came put to the garage hold a container said do you think you can do your own yard work now
she said you need to spray the yard
so I got the 212 off the truck and got the pull sprayer cleaned up and ready to use.
put in the Trmec Plus and filled the tank up - started pulled the sprayer around and it was not spraying.
check to see why. the lines are clean and free - so why will it not spray.
took off one of the hoses from the tank and started filling the line with water - got the lines filled with water and now time to see if it going to work.
Yeah it is spraying, so around the yard I go - then 15 minute later she coming out saying supper.
park the 212 and clean up for supper. after supper back at the spraying the yard.
all is going great. I look back and it is not spraying - one of the hoses broke. so back the the garage
the pull spring is a Handy sprayer and made in Marshalltown Iowa. I hope they are still in business.
looked the in on the web - Yeah they are still there and I hope I can get two new hoses,
this sprayer uses the wheels to pump the fluid and I hope I do not have to buy a electric pump.

Life is Great
and it is fun having little problems along the way