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Pops Broke The Jacobsen / Ford 195 Driveshaft

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#46 marlboro180 OFFLINE  

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Posted November 28, 2012 - 10:22 AM

Good point Keith about the indexing. This last part is for the pump input shaft, so I guess it does not matter too much then. I will be sectioning the new driveshaft to squeak it through the steering tower, and that part will be indexed for sure. :thumbs: Hadn't really thought about it until you brought it up though, thanks.




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Posted November 28, 2012 - 11:37 AM

Yep, Pops broke the LGT195 53500 Jacobsen going up a small hill cutting grass when all hell broke loose, WWII...now it
sits sadly in the garage awaiting the owner to begin the repairs....most of the re-placement parts are here.
step 1: remove the grease and dirt, 2: take out the damage shaft, speed control rod, and more, 3: repair or
re-build busted/bent stuff, 4: put it back together. History:

The machine was purchased by my cousin, who had worked for Jacobsen in Racine. as he told me, "Ford approached Jacobsen to build a prototype, ie: the 195. Jacobsen built 12 prototypes, this being one of them."
My cousin Tom bought one in 1977 from the company for $2400...as Ford was no longer interested in going further
with Jacobsen...Jacobsen built the LGT 195 as the Jacobsen 53500 (Orange). and Ford built the LGT 195 (Blue/white). I don't know why ford was not further interested in Jacobsen...cost? Jacobsen was and is known
as a very high quality manufacturer of world class.

The loader was part of a kit one could buy, weld it up and put it on the machine...It works great! It allows Pops
to do a lot of work on the East 40...branches, logs, stone, wood chips, 300 lb marble slab, 2 150 lb slate step
slabs, setting the pier in the river along with a twelve foot wood bridge with a sling, oh cutting grass with a 60"
mower deck....Also has a 3 point on back-end with trailer hitch and scraper blade.

The machine as Case 200 lb weights bolted to each rear wheel, with tire chains.

If anyone knows more history, would be interested to hear...parts machine to sell?

Photos to follow as we make progress...

Your comment on the 1977 date got me to thinking. The Shibara/ Ford Compacts started coming out in late1977-1978.
My suspicion is Jacobsen came out on the short end of a bidding war?

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#48 marlboro180 OFFLINE  

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Posted December 02, 2012 - 08:54 PM

JD, that is interesting and probably very true on the bidding war, as $ 2,400 in 1977 was a whole lotta bucks.

On another note, I got to see Pops tonight at dinner and he got to see the coupler in person that I made for the Jacobsen. Turned out fairly well we thought, though now comes the fun part- putting it all back together LOL. :rolling:

Hey Pops--- get to grinding on that frame, will ya??? :poke: :D I wanna make some sparks with that welder of yours !

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Posted December 03, 2012 - 05:32 AM

That looks very good. Great job and thanks for taking us along.
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Posted December 03, 2012 - 07:01 AM

The finished coulper looks factory :thumbs: Al
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