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Which Carburetor?

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#1 SammyRye OFFLINE  



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Posted September 03, 2012 - 01:13 PM

I've trying to get my '82 990 running again, and finally chased it down to the carburetor. I have fuel to the carb, but nothing coming through it.

I'm suspecting the float may be stuck from sitting. I pulled the carb off, unscrewed the fuel nozzle, and tried to screw out the main nozzle so that I could get the top of the carb off and check the float. The main nozzle is NOT coming out (Aargh), and I really don't want to tear up the brass.
That said, I thought about just buying a new carb. Looking in the B&S parts manual for the 326400 series engines, they list 6 possible Walbro carbs for that series. These are all listed according to engine type, but there is no engine ID or serial number anywhere on my engine, except for the generic label on the front identifying it as a 16 hp I/C series.

Can anyone tell me which carb fits the '82 MTD 990?

Here's the numbers from B&S:

I have found 3 types available - new - for a starting price of $175. If that's my only option, guess I may have to bite the bullet and get one.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

#2 LilysDad ONLINE  


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Posted September 03, 2012 - 01:23 PM

B&S usually stamps the model, type, and serial number into the shroud, not on a tag.

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Posted September 03, 2012 - 01:34 PM

Just to add to LilysDad it is either stamped into the flywheel cover or a plate just above the carb. You really need to find that no in order to find the right carb. Try soaking the old carb or use some PB balster and see if that helps loosen up the jet.

#4 Bruce Dorsi ONLINE  

Bruce Dorsi

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Posted September 03, 2012 - 01:47 PM

B&S usually stamps the model, type, and serial number into the shroud, not on a tag.

True, but earlier years had numbers stamped into a metal plate attached to the cylinder fins.

Over the years, B&S has stamped the ID numbers in several different locations on the shroud (flywheel cover).

Look on the flat area on the top of the shroud (near the spark plug).

Look on the flat area on the face of the shroud (above the large opening).

Look on the flat area on the side of the shroud near the intake mounting.

Look on the rounded area on the side of the shroud.

Some B&S engines of this era had silver-colored decals stating "Model Type Code" but the numbers were actually stamped into the metal below the decal.

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Posted September 03, 2012 - 06:15 PM


On my MTD 960 equivalent, the briggs nos. are on the RHS - lower than the carb and forward of the muffler. Not sure if this is the same for later models and the 990 model.

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