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Carb Problem?

ride a matic

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#1 flaco OFFLINE  


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Posted August 25, 2012 - 10:35 PM

I have a rideamatic that I am working on. It does not have original engine but a Wisconsin Anel with a Zenith Carb L63,

Anyway I posted a few weeks ago as the engine starts up easily and sounds real good . then about 1 min after starting it dies and will not start up again till I let it sit for an hour or two.

I changed the points and condensor but that did not help. I changed the fuel filter and have fuel flowing nicely to the carb.

I did rebuild the carb and am now thinking that it is not working properly-and maybe I did not do it correctly .I really do not know much about engines as I spent life in wood shop not auto macanics . also it was one of those kits that work for a few different carbs so the directions were not clear.to me

So I am thinking taht the engine is starting on the gas that is in the carb and for some reason it is not filling fast enough. .

I am going to take the carb apart again== and am wondering what to look for?? their were no cracks in it, the floats were in good shape and seemed to be opperating.

any help would be appreciated


#2 olcowhand ONLINE  


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Posted August 25, 2012 - 10:40 PM

Did you check for spark as soon as it died? An ignition coil breaking down matches your description perfectly.

#3 Bruce Dorsi OFFLINE  

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Posted August 26, 2012 - 01:25 AM

Usually it takes more than one minute for the coil to heat up and breakdown, but it is a possibility as Olcowhand said. ....You do need to verify spark is present right after it cuts out.

Does your engine have the external Bendix or Fairbanks-Morse magneto?

It is possible that the float valve in the carb is sticking in the closed position. ...This can happen if parts are not installed properly, or the wrong parts, or dirty/worn/corroded parts. ...After the engine sits awhile, enough gas trickles into the bowl to allow restart.

If the carb bowl is not venting properly (clogged vent), that could possibly create the problem. ....A clogged gas-tank cap vent should allow the engine to run longer, but if you remove the cap and start the engine, that will verify the problem is not in the tank cap.

Some carbs have a filter screen attached to the inner end of the fuel inlet fitting. ....If the screen is not clean, it can cause the problem you describe.

Is the float dragging on the side of the bowl? ....Sometimes the float bracket can get bent, causing the float to bind. ....If the float hinge, or hinge pin, is worn the float can cock sideways and bind.

Is the float adjusted correctly? ....If you don't have a specific recommended setting, a general rule-of-thumb is to adjust the float so it is parallel to the carb body when the carb body is held upside down (float valve closed position).

If the float valve needle has a soft tip, sometimes these will wedge into the brass valve seat and hang up. ....I have heard that some of today's gasolines will attack some soft-tip needles. ....If the tip swells, it can bind. ....I prefer an all-steel float valve needle.

Before reassembling the carb, check the operation of the float valve with the carb held in its normal position, then check with the carb inverted. ....Check to be sure nothing is binding.

You can check that the float valve is working properly by blowing air (with your mouth) into the fuel inlet of the carb. ....The float valve should seal closed with the carb inverted, and pass air when the carb is held in its normal position. ....Don't move the float, or apply pressure, with your hand. ....The float valve should seal with just the weight of the float when the carb is inverted, and the needle should open when the float drops when the carb is held in its normal position.

Some carbs have a fine-wire clip to connect the float needle to the tang on the float. ....If not installed correctly, this can cause a float to hang up. ...The purpose of the clip is to insure that the needle moves off its seat when the float drops.

Lots of things to check, but I'm sure you'll fix it!!
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Posted August 30, 2012 - 07:13 PM

Additionally, make sure that you have the float in the correct side up/down. It is possible on many floats, to get them in, upside down and this will cause the float needle to bind on both the hanger assembly and seat. Just a thought.

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