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This Bolens

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#16 speedyg OFFLINE  



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Posted June 07, 2012 - 12:18 AM

so the trannys in these tractors how easy it it to find a replacement one what other tractors have these tranny and is the tranny part number 801-018

jonsteffen, member bhts might be able to give you a little more info on your tractor. He deals with alot of bolens and bolens parts.

#17 jonsteffen OFFLINE  



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Posted June 08, 2012 - 10:09 AM

ok bolens guys i found a tranny it is out of a john deere is exzact thing but one problem, the break is on the wrong side, ok when u look at the tranny from the back of the jd one the break is on the right side, on the bolens from the back side the break is on the left side, ok i still have the old tranny i know i can take the parts of the out side of the case from the right side to the left but i need the break disk on the left so do i have to take the tranny apart the revirse the shaft or should i take the old tranny apart and put that shaft in so the break disk is on the left or can i flip the one from the jd? another thing is there is no drain plug to put oil in does these trannys take oil or do the have greses in it if does i might want to put more int to it and how do u get it in

#18 bolex OFFLINE  

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Posted June 23, 2012 - 02:40 PM

you have to take the shaft out of the old tranny and put it in the new one. make sure you lay out all the parts and reassemble them in the same order , because there are many gears and spacers that MUST be in the same order as original to avoid interference that can cause catastrofic FAILURE . when you put the shift yoke in it has to be in the groove or it will go into gear and not come out untill you tear the tranny apart and align the shift fork again . the bushings on the end of the shaft have a notch they set against so make sure they are set right and don't rotate the shafts before you reinstall the cover and don't fill the tranny with grease use only what is needed to coat the shafts and some on the gears , i put to much lube in mine and now have a surge in the tranny . hope this helps, i like these trannies and try not to blow them up and these are some of the things i wish i knew when i first started working on them :thumbs: :smilewink: