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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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So what started your itch for lawn and garden tractors?

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#361 Denis velikanov OFFLINE  

Denis velikanov
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Posted March 03, 2017 - 09:33 AM

necessary to complete one year tractor new model. The old model of doing is completed in three months. Very much to think.
Tests spend for reliability. Tractor working on the video 20 years does not break.

#362 Denis velikanov OFFLINE  

Denis velikanov
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Posted March 03, 2017 - 09:37 AM

I invent a lot of soil cutters. Each year a new model. Checking new model within one month of continuous operation. My site description fundamentally different structure of soil cutters.
If you're interested I can here the difference rassazat design.

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#363 GhoSt85 OFFLINE  

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Posted March 12, 2017 - 11:46 PM

Just recently got one. Maybe about a month ago. Didn't know they existed until then. I would look at them on craigslist and would think they were just regular old lawnmowers. One day I was browsing on Craigslist for a tractor with a loader and I saw what looked like a lawnmower in pieces. But the body wasn't stamped steel like I expected these machines to be. Got curious so I clicked. Tractor was in a dozen different pieces but I saw a deck with what looked like it was PTO driven and a front plow. Never seen a body with tubes on it so I started looking up what these machines were. Googled Bolens 1050 and I was like... Ohhh that is so cool I want one. Guy wanted two bills and saw it was posted for over a month.


Asked my wife if I could get another project (mostly woodworking projects). She said no. I said yes...please! Finally got her to agree to let me get it if I could get it for $50, so I offered $50. Guy said he would let me know the next day. 4 days later and nothing. Messaged him and he said $100 and its mine. I was bummed. Told him the highest I can go is $60 and left it at that.


That weekend I went to pick up a pull along tiller for my dads mower I was using to set up my garden. He calls me up to go pick it up. I was excited! Made up for driving 1.5 hrs one way for the tiller to have the guy stop answering my messages and never show up.


Anyways, here she is just put together. Not even running yet. She wasn't properly maintained but I am slowly getting her up and going. She still dies on me sometimes trying to take off on the highest gear but pulls strong on all other gears. Pulled out a lot of sludge from the the engine, replaced the tranny oil which had a lot of brass shaving but seems to be running fine with no knocks or binds. Greased up all the zerks. All the bushings seems to be shot. PTO leaks grease. But she is a joy to ride.













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#364 Blackbeard OFFLINE  

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Posted March 27, 2017 - 11:10 PM

When I was born my dad had an old wheel horse and I spent my first few years riding on his lap. When I was 5 my parents bought some land to build a house on and my dad cleared the building lot with that little wheel horse and he would always have me drive the tractor back up to the logs so he could hook the chain, then he would take over beating the hell out of that tractor pulling the logs out. When I was 7 and the house was built he bought another "bigger" wheel horse to do all the maitanance around the new house and he gave me the "little" wheel horse for my own...I do still have that frame and belt guard...
I have owned my own personal garden tractor since I've been 7 years old and I am 45 now. I now live in that house we built when I was 7 and the whole hedgerow is full of old garden tractors and old snowmobiles, which by the way my dad gave me my first snowmobile (1969 ski-doo) shortly after he gave me his old tractor and I've always had snowmobiles since too.
My dad often tells me that his vision for the hedge row wasn't littered with tractors and snowmobiles, but he completely realizes he created the monster....lol
He and I still go to many vintage snowmobile shows and antique engine shows, which I also have a collection of hit and miss engines thanks to my dads interest in them.
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#365 dpbcc OFFLINE  

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Posted August 07, 2017 - 12:33 PM

I just think tractors are plain cool.   As a kid I worked on my step fathers truck farm and got to drive his tractors - fell in love with the old 40's vintage Allis Chalmers - I always  chose the old one over any of his new ones.   My father got an old Farmall Cub to snow plow with - every now and then the front wheels would collapse and we jack it up and retighten the bolts on the width clamps and go back plowing again. 


I love being able to do real work with them.

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#366 Bob White12 OFFLINE  

Bob White12
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Posted September 30, 2017 - 10:10 PM

Growing up and living in Kansas I have always though tractors were cool ever since i was little my dad would bring me to shows and auctions and he would tell me about how he farmed when he was my age. then one day my grandpa called and said he sold his 1974 Toyota land cruiser for $500 it was seized but it was over all in pretty good shape. He got mad at him and said he would go up there and get it so we went up there and got it and when we got it back and started to take it apart. we took it apart at my brothers place witch was an old farmstead and id explore the farm wile my dad worked. then one day I found an old grain auger but it wasn't like any id seen before it had a gas motor on it. i called my dad over and he took a look at it and said we should get it running. we took it off and I started questing him about how motors worked and all the components. It fascinated me so i started work on it and told what do do by my dad wile he worked on the car. we got it running pretty easy and I would start it and try to get it running the best it could. It was time to drill wheat when I asked my dad if we could hook the motor up to our auger and put it under a load. we got it all connected and it did just fine even faster than the electric we had on it actually. I started eyeing and old John Deere B my dad had and sooner or later we got it running. it was ruff but it ran and I was proud of it. I went trough many engines after that some I got running some I didn't but it all as for learning purposes. then one day the museum curator said that they needed to clear space for more attractions and so he gave us and old 1939 standard Walsh garden tractor it couldn't wait to get it running but lots of work needed to done first. we started taking it apart learning studding different parts. we knew it was stuck but what we didn't know how stuck. it ended up taking almost half a year to get that thing unstuck almost loosing faith a couple times. but one day I woke up did about my morning business tapping on the engine as usual but this time is was different  i went to giggle the flywheel but it moved i thought i was dreaming at first but sure enough it was unstuck. I tell you what i don't think I had ever ran faster to tell my dad what had happened. So we ate and I took my dad out there to see it we took the sleeve out and did some cleaning up of things. but one big problem arose how are we going to get that @#$%! exhaust valve out!?!?! I tried everything that i could do in with garage shop tools but with no luck. And this is were my story sadly ends. I still want to see her run though so i think ill make a tread about it tomorrow ill take some pictures and see what you guys think I have learned most of my info about this tractor from this sight and I am very appreciated from that.


                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Sincerely BOB 

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#367 Colebaca OFFLINE  

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Posted February 26, 2018 - 12:12 AM

The way I got started was first my friend made a racing lawnmower out of a huskavarna v twin. After he made that I decided I was going to make one too. My neighbor had a craftsman lt 1000. And gave it to me for some yard work. When I got it I took it apart to the frame and got rid of all the safety's. I took apart the transaxle and cleaned it. When I got it all back together it used all lawnmower parts. It has a 9" pully on the engine and has a 4" pully on the transaxle, it goes 35mph and it's scary to ride. A little while after I made a custom side pipe exhaust. It sounds good but I wanted something louder but also cooler. So when my friend told me that he had a v twin for sale I took the offer. It was for $200,but there was something apart of the deal. I got a ford lt 75 and a v twin for $200. It was a great deal but little did I know I really got the engine for free because I got super attached to the little 3 speed ford . So now I'm restoring the ford. I've been taking it to school in my ag metal shop and working on it. I actually had to have to make a custom hood because it didn't come with one. But I'm making it match the style of it. I didn't have the original engine or the deck either. So I got a 12.5 engine by briggs and it's a squeeze but it fits I can't wait to finish it and when I'm done next year I'm planning on taking it back to ag and making it as far as I know the first hydrolic front end loader equipped ford lt 75. Shade
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