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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay

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So what started your itch for lawn and garden tractors?

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#256 Cheetah OFFLINE  

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Posted May 13, 2013 - 08:35 PM

I grew up on a small farm that Dad did more because he loved it rather than make a living. We only had beef cattle, so no milking duties. I learned to drive on a Farmall Super C and a Case D model, both we kept right up until last year. Mom has a picture of me driving the Super C at around 4 or 5 years old. I'm now over 50, so that tractor was around here for about 50 years...

But back to how I got hooked on the little tractors. I also race slotcars as a hobby (it's also where my nickname Cheetah comes from), and one day I got a call from a guy named Rick wanting to join us. So we met a few days later, and while waiting our turn, I asked him if he had any other hobbies. He said something about garden tractor pulling, and instantly I perked up. I told him to tell me more. Before long, he was offering me and my wife both a tractor we could use. Both were Simplicitys. That was back in 2008. We (the wife and I) now have 6 pulling tractors, of which 2 are for the grandsons when they can make it.

Dad saw how much fun we were having, and now he has a couple, and is also now using the tractor I started out with. He in turn, has got his nephew hooked, and he has a tractor as well.

My wife pulls with a Homelite T8 and a Sears, and I pull with a couple of Wheelhorses. One is Lawn Ranger. The grandsons pull with a couple or Wheelhorse Raiders.Yes, I like my Wheelhorses, but I also like the Simplicity's, especially ones with the twist frame.

Other GT's that we have are a Craftsman 14 twin, a Simplicity 728 and a John Deere something that looks like a standard mower, but has Zero turn capability. I am hoping to refurbish one of the Raiders we have and get it looking like new again, so I am looking through the restoration tips that people have provided here (thank you!!)

Back to the guy I met, Rick. Turns out he was the guy (along with help) that started the group called Sugar Hill Snubbers. He also drove a super modified tractor called the Sassy Massey back in the 80's. To hear him tell stories of driving a rig with 5 heavily modified Hemi's in front is a real treat. Because of him, we are really happy to have gotten into GT's and the hobby of pulling.

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#257 Stubby OFFLINE  

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Posted May 15, 2013 - 02:18 PM

I am only just getting started in the GT area. I used to work with my uncle rebuilding farm equipment during winter he got from the Junk Line at the implement dealer. If we could not buy the part we made them. This helped me during the early 80's when I had a shop that repaired anything that could get to the door. Autos, Trucks, Farm equipment and even road construction equipment. Now that I am forced into retirement it allows me to start collecting Garden Tractors and make some things I can use here on the acreage we have now.

I just showed the neighbor the 3 point hitch I made from scrap that was laying around. So, he now wants me to make one for his Deutz Allis GT.

I believe he wants this so his wife can do more garden work and he can do other things like fishing. :D

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#258 Puttinalong OFFLINE  

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Posted May 26, 2013 - 06:40 AM

I grew up always wanting to learn how to drive a tractor.  The closest I got to learning how to drive a tractor, was my dad telling me..."if you can drive a car you drive a tractor."  So I never did.  I never knew what a garden tractor was capable of until I saw on a video of a garden tractor pulling a box blade.  So I said to myself (I grew up on a lawn tractor every Saturday cutting grass for 8 hours), I can drive a lawn tractor and a garden tractor is just a little bigger.  I found a Craftsman garden tractor for $400 in the next county over.  I bought it, fixed the blown head gasket on it and haven't looked back. 

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#259 breimer OFFLINE  

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Posted June 23, 2013 - 11:55 AM

Always liked garden tractors, It was normally my job to cut grass as a child starting as soon as I was old enough. Always compared garden tractors with ones my friends parents had etc. Then sometimes all us teen agers would bring garden tractors and together we would cut the grass at the local private school grounds. Of course it turned into a bit of a competition. One time someone brought a homemade "stone boat" (which is basically a large very thick sheetmetal with the front bent up and a chain welded to it. This was normally used to move large rocks off of a field. Here we used it as a skid for a garden tractor pull. We would put one tractor on the skid as a weight, then as someone was pulling it one by one the rest of us would jump on the skid. Needless to say my 8hp AMF didnt pull well at all. Memories like this kept this all alive. Now as an adult I've gone back and aquired two of the actual machines that were at that tractor pull- Found my dads old AMF and the neighbors Case 224. Hoping to restore these and several others. Focusing on collecting one of each of the brands that also had farm equipment. So far, An MF10, an MF1855, a Case 224, a Case 442, an AMF 8/36 and an old Eaton Viking riding mower. 3 of the units currently in running order.

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#260 Texas Deere and Horse OFFLINE  

Texas Deere and Horse

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Posted June 23, 2013 - 12:57 PM

breimer, First off Welcome to GTtalk. If you get the chance, tell us about yourself and your GT's in the Member intro thread ,


Here's the link,



#261 Gfann OFFLINE  

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Posted July 18, 2013 - 04:55 PM

Necessity. I grew up in the city. When I was in my mid 30s...three years ago. I thought, I want to (had to) move out of the city before I go nuts. I had enough of the city noise and I wanted to be able to go home and hear only, wind and birds. So I bought a house with 2.5 acres verses the 1/8th lot I was on. But anyway, the fact that my lawn was about to become too big to push mow. My uncle gave me a craftsman rider that was 10 years old but worked. I used it for the first summer but after repair after repair, it was either to old or just plain junk one of the two. I looked into a new rider but the price just didn't justify the flimsy construction. So I went on Criagslist and bought a Cub Cadet 100 for $300. I brought it home and didn't know a carburetor from a clutch. The only things I could point out we're the battery and spark plug. That was three years ago. I now own the 10 hp kohler Cub Cadet 100 with deck and plow, a 6hp briggs Bready 662 with deck, a Speedex 6hp briggs S17 with plow, 8 hp Kohler S18 with deck, and an S19. And a few others that currently don't run, a Jacobsen chief, two cub cadet originals.

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#262 BillTribbitt OFFLINE  

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Posted October 23, 2013 - 08:20 PM

         I was looking for an older garden tractor to use with a "Johnny Bucket" I intended to purchase. Found some old Sears tractors and they just looked so cool! I bought a Cub 1050, then found the MTD 990 I just bought. That was exactly what I was looking for. Love the 27" tires and the front grill is really sharp.

         My dad was a pretty good mechanic and enjoyed fixing up old push mowers and giving them to somebody who needed one. My Mom always said a broken down mower was the best thing to give him for Christmas :)  He'd enjoy that more than anything. I think dad would enjoy seeing me working on my Tractor, I lost him in 2004 and miss him every day. Maybe I'm turning into him?

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#263 Hammerdown OFFLINE  

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Posted October 24, 2013 - 06:01 AM


At a very Young age, My Dad bought me cast aluminum pedal Tractors. I Plum wore one out a year and would get a new one for Christmas. I had Various one's being a couple of Case's, a Farmall then Three John Deere's that were alway's my Favorite's.  When I was about Seven one Saturday Morning my dad took me for a ride and we bought a 1954 Farmall Super-A. I can remember him Paying $600.00 for it. We got it home and he built a snow plow for it. I could not reach the clutch Nor Brake pedal's so he placed some 4X4 block's on them bolted up so I could operate it. I had to keep our driveway plowed in the winter and it was my Job to spread the Horse Manure. I grew up with the 1954 Farmall Super-A and when I was about 17 Dad & I rebuilt it's engine and put a new Clutch in it. My parent's moved out of state so he Gave me the Farmall. I kept it until we moved into a small town where it sat in the garage and hardly ever got run. I Placed a Good Paint job on it as my dad had asked me to. After sitting a few yeart's with no use a Local International Harvestor Dealer owner offered me $3200.00 for it so I sold it. It still sit's in that dealer's showroom.



After I got married I started buying John Deere Lawn & garden Tractor's to do our Yard chores. When our Daughter was Five year's old, I bought her a John Deere Pedal Tractor just like I used to ride. She grew older and I stored it no matter where we moved I dragged it along to keep it for her. last Fall she asked if I would use my 1983 John Deere 318 as well as my Rarely seen John Deere Model 30 cart, to pull our Granddaughter into her first Birthday party ? I agreed to it, but told her that I would have to restore the equipment first. I restored my John Deere 318 Placing a newly Built Onan P-218 in it. I took it all the way down to a rolling chassis when I restored it Painting the frame, wheel's, and all of the body Parts. I removed the dent's and ding's from it's previous onwer then laid Three coat's of Paint on it and once it set up I wet sanded the paint and Buffed it. In the mean time I remembered our Daughter's Pedal Tractor sat in the crawl space of our Garage. I Pulled it down dusted it off and restored it as well. We decided to hand it down to our Granddaughter for her first birthday present so she could carry on the family addiction to john Deere Tractors.


The day of the Birthday party came and I trailered my John Deere 318 as well as my small dump cart to the Pizza parlor that our Kid's had rented for the party. We Planned on surprising the guest's of the party by bringing our Guest of Honor into the party riding in the small dump cart. My wife made her John Deere Bib Overhauls as well as the John Deere afghan that covered her for the ride in. Our Daughter Played Joe Diffy's song Entitled John Deere Green as we made our way from the rear of the Pizza Parlor to the front parking lot, Guest's took lot's of picture's as well as video's of the event. The John Deere Pedal Tractor was the last gift we handed our Granddaughter as it sat up in the Pizza parlor Trophy case behind the birthday Cake that my wife made for the Party. Once she got on it she was not about to get off of it. Our daughter got real emotional and said that the pedal Tractor looked better restored than it did when we gave it to her new. It was a great day and we have another John Deere fan in the family Now. Regards, Hammerdown





Here is the family 1954 Farmall Super-A that I Painted and grew up with






Here is my 1983 John Deere 318 that I restored as well as the rarely seen model 30 dump cart as I finsihed them











The John Deere Pedal Tractor restored that was Our Daughters 25 Year's ago







The ride in Birthday Party












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#264 MadAtGrass OFFLINE  

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Posted November 04, 2013 - 08:44 PM

Remember, you asked. I'll try to be brief.


When I was 5 years old I was given a toy that had wheels and gears that you took apart with a wrench. You could replace the gears in a different order, but it only worked when they were in the right order. I played with that until I was old enough to tear apart anything motorized with real tools. My father was a carpenter, so motors were not part of his knowledge set. He did however buy rusty old vehicles to run, mostly pickups, and we did "bodywork" on those when I was older.


The first riding mower of mine, that I remember, was a tube frame mower from the late 50s or early 60s that was not a tractor. It ran well and mowed pretty well until I decided to "Fix" it. At the same time there were snowmobiles, mini bikes, a small motorcycle, a fiberglass tub three wheeler (trike), and my first real lawn tractor. I don't remember who made it, all I remember was it was white and blue, old (in the late 70s), and had a 5 HP pull start B&S motor. Oh, and I could make money with it mowing the cemetery next door. It also wasn't a Bolens, like the ones my father had.


The next time I went crazy over a tractor was a 1948 - 49 International Harvester Cub tractor that my father had made a deal for in 1985. I had been in the Air Force for 2 years and was finally taking a real leave to travel back home with my wife, and while on leave my father has me drive this little old girl back to his house from across town. I found out old tractors could be temperamental and overheat when run straight out for a couple miles. Low and slow got her home after a cool down. I used it to plow my father's back yard for a garden and I was hooked.


As time has gone by I bought my own lawn tractors to mow my lawn, but they just weren't "real" so when I had the opportunity to upgrade I looked for a Cub. The problem was that it isn't really a practical tractor for doing excavating, so I got something a little more my age. I bought a 1982 Kubota B8200 and then put a loader and backhoe on it. (1982 was the year I graduated from High School) Every time I start that tractor it is a testament to the quality of real steel and tractor technology before everything went "High tech".


I have the first two lawn tractors I bought years ago because I wanted to keep one, and while I was trying to sell the other the motor went. Actually, I think the connecting rod broke. So tractor number three was the "best yet". 19.5 HP twin Craftsman hydrostatic transmission mower. Too bad they don't make them to survive teenage sons. A bent axle gone undiscovered can tear up the steering gears pretty badly. Now I'm going back in time to try to find a Lawn\Garden Tractor I want to keep for more than just cutting the stupid grass.


I would have bought a John Deere. I could have bought a Cub Cadet. I found a Ford for less, so here I am. Now I'm going to get the first two back in running order and use them to finance some better steel.


Oh yeah, I have 4 motorcycles, 2 golf carts, a mini bike, 4 lawn tractors, my Kubota, a commercial grade Craftsman snowblower, 3 Ford vehicles and lots of small engines around the property. I know the vehicles, the snowblower and the Kubota run. The Kubota runs the best.

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#265 Alberta Bolens OFFLINE  

Alberta Bolens
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Posted November 09, 2013 - 08:25 PM

I was raised on farm Dad had little ford 8 N and John Deere.  He also had a couple of Field Marshal  Wish I had all of them now.  Decided Garden Tractor were small cheap and easy to work on. Being small and cheap I could have more.

1st one was a murray with mower deck and snow caster paid $300 used it 4 years sold it for $300.

I now have 129 cub cadets one running 2 for parts.  3 Bolens 1050. One i have had for 15 years with blade, tiller and snow caster. Other 2 Bolens I picked up last month with blade and mower deck.  One needs transmission work. Two John Deere 425. one running its my main mower and snow removing tractor.  The hydraulics are so nice.  Second JD all wheel steer but needs engine work.  

#266 Bolens 1000 ONLINE  

Bolens 1000

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Posted November 09, 2013 - 08:26 PM

Welcome to GTT :wave:

Sounds like you have some nice tractors

#267 Lance Skene OFFLINE  

Lance Skene
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Posted November 28, 2013 - 01:50 PM

Hello folks, I didnt see an introduction thread so fig'd this one would be a good place to start.


I pretty much grew up in my Pops Cockshutt dealership in a small sask farming community back in the 60s and 70s, was given a '57 Bolens Super RaM by an uncle about '87 when the wife and I bought our first house, it has a dozer blade and single stage snowblower, still have it, still working it. We moved onto a small acreage a couple yrs ago and Ive gotten more into GTs since, have a '75 Columbia 960 with dozer,mower,cultivator,plough and tiller, recently picked up a couple Ford LGT series, one is a running 165 that I hope to have ready for mowing duty in the spring, the other a 100 in very condition but no spark...and some one decided to spray bomb it with primer, a couple Sears junkers with no attachments that I let the grandkids drive around, plus one full size International with a loader.


Im a metal fabricator by trade, I supervise a night shift in a 50,000sq ft shop with some pretty nice toys at my disposal, I prefer to build and/or invent things rather than buy when ever I can, Im a bit of hunter, rifle, muzzleloader and bow, Im a Ford nut, a Bronco II, a full size Bronco, an F150 and a Focus(the wifes).


I tend to be a bit of a sarcastic smartazz and have fun with forum debates, I spent 7 years in the canadian militia, and I look like I belong on Duck Dynasty.... but Ive looked like this long before it became popular on TV.

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#268 KennyP ONLINE  



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Posted November 28, 2013 - 03:22 PM

Welcome to the forum, Lance! Here's the forum you were looking for. It's further down the page. These folks will hound you for pics, so get them ready. Pic help is at the bottom of my post.

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#269 olcowhand ONLINE  


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Posted November 28, 2013 - 05:31 PM

Actually, what started my itch for garden tractors was..........................garden tractors!  And the fact that I finally got enough extra money to buy some!

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#270 IamSherwood OFFLINE  


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Posted November 28, 2013 - 09:28 PM

My itch has turned into full blown GT Eczema.  Spots all over me

that look like heavily chained AGs.

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