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Kohler Fuel Pump Questions

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Posted May 14, 2012 - 01:37 PM

Hi Guys, new question concerning fuel flow on the Kohler fuel pump. How do you know when they're going bad, just stop suddenly or what symptoms do you see?

Should they supply a good steady stream of gas all the time, even at low idle?

I was watching mine, on the 210, it supplies a steady flow of gas, no bubbles at all.

Then I watched the one on the 214, we already know it does seep a little gas over night, but I watched it and I saw bubbles even at high speed. I was wondering because it does seep, that means if it seeps gas, then wouldn't it suck some air in as well?

Today, If I can get the body to work, I plan on replacing the fuel line and new in line filter, and new drive belts. To be honest I might put that off today. I am just not feeling so well and after getting stuck in the shop last night for about 3 hours before I escaped, I am beat up.

Anyways, as always I very much appreciate everyone's time and help.

I am learning! Learning a lot and I hope one day I can learn enough to give advice instead of always asking for it!

Of course, that may never happen!

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Posted May 16, 2012 - 01:08 PM

Well, after 44 views, no replies maybe I should have thought it out better before asking. Being new to GT's and repairs is a hard task alone but at the same time, I should have thought it out.

Here's what I learned on my own, if a fuel pump is seeping fuel over a period of time, yes it can cause air to get into the fuel and yes cause your tractor not to run to our satisfaction!

A mechanical fuel pump works off a cam as we already know, the shaft on the fuel pump can become worn or the cam.

Two, the diaphragm over time can shrink lack of a better term. If that happens you can put some pressure on it and make it bigger some what, this will also increase the amount of psi. Yep, reading is a fundamental!

The Kohler fuel mechanical fuel pump can also have another problem it's those little piston thing-a-ma-jigs again for lack of better term. Those tend to get worn down over time.

No kits are now on the market but if you are lucky you might find some listed for about $50 bucks but now you can buy the plastic pumps for about $35.

If the rod to cam is OK, the housing is not cracked it is possible with care to disassemble the pump and clean it up and you can use gasket paper to make new gaskets. You have to be very careful not to tare your diaphragm but with care you can repair your fuel pumps without a lot of trouble.

Now, another thing, John Deere on the 200 Series, put a cut off under the tank and this is also a fuel strainer, that needs to be serviced and the lines replaced because sometimes a pump that isn't pumping good under load may not be getting enough gas to start with. So before pulling the pump service the shut off and strainer. Of course this means draining the tank before hand and it's messy.

So after these few days, I have a good working pump, I serviced myself and learn a boat load about those pumps. Being money is a problem with our family here I tend to try to make things work even when they're worn out and need to be replaced. But if you can rebuild it or modify it and make it work hey more power to the DYI gang!

Next project mounting a winch on the tractor and by gosh I got lucky and got 3 winches so now the ATV will get one and both the tractors will have one.

I am thinking about a front install, making a bracket, mount the winch to it and have it connect up to the JD on the front for quick install or removal. Already started on that.

And I figured out, you can pick up an solenoid at the parts store for a Ford, 4 pole for about $15 bucks that will work just fine. So, them $75 dollar winch solenoids are a waste of money. My thoughts is a starter is nothing but a DC motor, a winch is nothing but a DC motor and neither should be ran constantly. In fact if you read, a winch should be ran a brief tome and allowed to cool off. Amps, is not a problem a car starter pulls a load of amps so the solenoids are plenty built heavy enough to handle most any winch. I tested this on a 1500,2000, and 3000 pound winch and it works. Now wiring it, you will have to figure it out but it's pretty straight forward and pretty simple to do. I even got them running both forward and reverse!

Now to mount and get them on board to make use for my wood cutting!
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#3 chris m OFFLINE  

chris m


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Posted May 16, 2012 - 04:03 PM

That's weird. Your post was from 2 days ago,but I don't remember seeing it listed.

Well, I am glad you got it figured out,and that's great that you learned a lot about it along the way.

Good luck!