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Briggs Making Even More Cuts

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Posted May 02, 2012 - 08:19 AM

Another thing that that has driven up the price of just about every item sold any where is frivolous lawsuits. Did it ever make sense for a jury to decree that a lawn mower manufacturer pay a multi million dollar settlement because an idiot picked up his running push mower in an attempt to use it to trim his hedges? If folks are so lacking in common sense to do something that stupid they should be made incapable of breeding. Plus how many trees are used to print all of the safety instructions that come with a piece of lawn equipment.

At least once a month I get a letter in the mail asking if I want to file lawsuit against a battery manufacturer because a battery in a tractor exploded and I got battery acid in my eyes and went to the local ER. That was over three years ago and it was this idiots fault because I got in a rush and attempted to use an air powered cutoff wheel to remove a stripped terminal bolt. I should have to pay the battery manufacturer for teaching me not to do that.





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Posted May 02, 2012 - 09:04 AM

A lot sad here rings very true! And I have to admit I'm one of the guilty. I can't help but think of that cartoon from years ago that stated"We have met the Enemy and they are Us".
My income over the past 10 yrs has remained pretty much the same, while costs of living have went up greatly. And I see no relief forthcoming. So have to be frugal in my expenses to retain a modest quality of life. I'm not necesarily happy with some of the choices I have to make. But it is what it is.
That said, I have to admit that I'm very impressed with the China Clone(Briggs Labeled) that came on the Troy-Built Super Bronco I bought new a year ago and would not hesitate to buy another one if I were doing a repower. This little engine starts every time before I make a full pull. Sips Fuel, and is the quietest small engine I have ever owned. I've used it way beyond what it was designed to do and it has never complained.

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Posted May 02, 2012 - 12:06 PM

Still missing the glasses!

Here's the deal, one of the biggest problems with American corporations is greed. 30 years ago 10% profit was a good profit margin but today companies want 100% or better in profit. Most companies are not willing to give raises today because it cuts into profit, bonuses used to be given to regular employees but now not so much. I worked for a company here locally, it was owned locally and honestly for this area we made a good decent wage. We got bonuses every single year I worked there and we got a dang good bonus. Every Christmas I got on the low end around 2000 bucks clear after taxes and every thanksgiving we received a turkey plus a gift card for 2 weeks worth of groceries.

Now that being said, we competed on a World Wide Scale, not just state side we competed with the Japanese, Chinese, Indians and every nation in the world who made a textile product. Our main product line was work gloves, made for beef packers, auto workers, glass, electronics and a wide range of other gloves made for the medical industry.

Think about it, if an American Textile Plant in North Carolina could give decent raises, bonuses and we had the very best benefits that money could buy and still compete world wide with a decent quality product how come other American Companies can't do that?

GNK made a record sales almost every single year it operated and you might think it was small but the fact is it was the largest string knit glove mfg in the entire world. Every single year from 1978 till it's end in 1996. Now GNK didn't end on it's own accord it was sold to an Overseas Corporation that I will not mention. The first thing those folks did was come in totally dismantle our production process, jack the prices up and end raises, bonuses and cut the labor. Why? To increase profits! They claimed to us they couldn't compete! Hell we had been competing for 32 years on a world wide scale! These people claimed to have a larger and better sales force and they killed us!

In the first 3 months that we operated under the new owners and name they killed our sales by almost 90%!

We barley made enough money to make payroll!

All because they wanted to increase profit, and yep they moved our factory lock stock and barrel to Mexico! Closed the operations in Wilkes County and moved it after 5 years of sucking the factory dry. After which I Might tell you the CEO here in North American was forced to resign and the overseas CEO was also forced into early retirement. Neither of which lost anything because they got huge end work packages. What did people here in Wilkes get? Unemployed and nothing but heart aches!

My point is, Corporations in the USA could compete and still have a good work force who received a decent living wage. We can build a product that can compete world wide if we only wanted too. Briggs could build a good decent motor that would last 10 years or better if it wanted too and still make a good profit. Bottom line is they wanted to make huge profits, the CEO wants his huge pay check and the others top people want their huge pay checks!

Now honestly who deserves to make 2 or 3 or 250 million bucks a year? Did they cure cancer? Do they end world hunger? No all they do is build an engine and if they wanted too and if they didn't have the greed bug they could build and engine as cheaply as the Chinese!

Everyone is entitled to make a good pay check and make a decent living and every company deserves to make a profit. At the same time when you're going out here making a crappy product because you are so greedy you deserve to one go out of business!

The problem maybe some fault of folks who buy products and demand cheaper prices but the larger part is corporations who only see dollar signs and do not care one way or the other if you live or die.

Yes we most certainly need regulations and it's funny for over 50 years when America had some of the strictest regulations Companies made money and they made a lot of money. In the late 70's America was the largest lender nation in the world today we are the largest debtor nation in the world.

Think about this does this new Global Trade actually work better today and the Global Trade we had for the past 200 years? Global Trade isn't new it's been going on since we started as a nation. Does this New World Order Work better today than the Old World Order?

Heck no because today all we see is redistribution of wealth from our hands (poor and middle class) to their hands the wealthy elites. They sale this idea onto the public that this new way works better and really it's nothing new. It isn't but what is now they want all the profit and they do not want to let any jobs or money trickle down to the very people who buy their products.

The reasons they try and sale us on the notion that regulations are bad is because one they can increase their profits, put more people out of work and move more companies off shore.

Well I got news for them, they keep closing plants and putting people out of work sooner or later people in America will no longer be able to afford their cheap crap products.

High Point NC is known for making good furniture and for years has struggled to stay a live. Today the news reports that China is buying furniture made in the USA! Because it's cheaper! Because it's a better product!

Today we see on the news that America is struggling to find good tradesmen! Plumbers and Electrical workers are in short supply because for the past 30 years all we hear is degree degree and kids do not even consider learning a tradesman job! Funny all those degrees are out of work too!

60 Years ago World War Two was fought and won with an American Work force who out produced the world!

Recently a textile company is moving back to Wilkes County NC why? Because they make a good product and compete!

Not because they wanted to move back here but they found out that they needed a skilled work force!

They didn't need degrees what they needed was skills!

Regulations wasn't a bad thing for the working man in America and that is just fact because look around!

The more regulations they've killed the more we pay! Just use this for example, years ago it was illegal to trade energy on the Stock Market. Today Speculation runs wild with no regulations or restraint and we're paying for it at the pump and each month when you get your power bill. You can Thank Ken Lay for that!

In a year or so when B&S jacks the prices up on their Chinese made motors and you're paying for a motor that put your neighbor down the road out of a job. I guess it will run just fine...

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Posted May 02, 2012 - 03:19 PM

Read everybody's comments with interest, and agree with a lot of what's been said. I am frustrated in that there doesn't seem to be one single answer to "fix" the problem.

I think part of the issue is that everything (corporations, government, unions, ..) has become so big and decentralized that nobody is in control anymore. Corportations and their managers/CEOs are greedy, but they are only following the demands of the "owners" - the stockholders. I own some stock, but not big enough blocks to affect direction of the companies I "own". So I guess I am part of the problem.

I write my legislators and try and follow their performance. When election time comes, I research and vote for the best candidate. But I am only one small voice/vote. Most of the time,I am sure it gets lost in the noise - but I still try.

I used to try and buy American, but with multi-national companies, I don't think that works anymore. Many "American" products are assembled in America from imported parts and components. Better than nothing, I guess... When I can afford it, I try and buy quality instead of "junk",but like someone else said, incomeonly goes so farand sometimes you have to compromize...

I think a lot of our citizenry realize that they are powerless and give up and just ride along with the flow - and that just makes the situation worse.

I am only one person, and I can't do a lot, but I am gona do all I can to let "leaders" (whatever the topic) know that I am unhappy and want things fixed. All I can do.......