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Snake Oil.?

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#1 Byron R OFFLINE  

Byron R


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Posted April 08, 2012 - 04:48 PM

I just had to put a water pump on my 1986 F-150 ..last week...It's got 166.000 miles on it..I don't uselly don't drive over 3-5 miles a day..just over the hill down to town to work and back..but drove farther the other day to put new doors in a house..probably 10 miles eachway..when i got back home i noticed..white gray smoke coming out the exhaust..let it cool and checked water level in rad....took about a qt...to bring it back up top..have been noticeing that any water in resovor(sp) tank has been disapering..for about 6 months..I'm thinking head gasket..but thats not going to be a easyfix..I don't think the blue wrench would get the exhaust manifold off without alot of trouble..Talked with my neighbor who works as a GM mechanic..he told me not to tear it down..to put in K-Seal by Solv-Tec..he just stopped by and handed me a bottle..free....said alot of dealers are useing this product..for repairs... http://www.kseal.com/ Any of you guys used or heard of this .. I did a google search..and found none that said it didn't work..

#2 HowardsMF155 ONLINE  



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Posted April 08, 2012 - 05:09 PM

I can't speak to that specific brand. I tried a sealant that was touted as being specifically for fixing leaking head gaskets. I used it as directed. No luck, the engine is still blowing exhaust into the coolant system. Personally, with 160,000 miles on my own engine, I'll either rebuild it or replace it with a remanufactured one. Can't see getting in and replacing just the head gasket with that many miles on the engine. And due to the "snake oil" I'm probably going to replace the radiator and heater core, don't want that junk lurking and getting into my new engine. This is just my take on it.



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Posted April 08, 2012 - 05:14 PM

There's a version of that made by Blue Devil.

We used it on a Windstar and it worked great. Problem was explained to me as: the new antifreeze has a component that eats head gaskets (brilliant) and should be replaced with the regular green stuff as soon as the warranty is over (warranty void if you change it before according to Ford dealer even tho they acknologed the problem)

Read the directions and follow them to the letter, it worked for us!

#4 Byron R OFFLINE  

Byron R


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Posted April 08, 2012 - 05:29 PM

This is what keeps coming up on a google search..