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314-8 Tiller Model # Driving Me Nuts

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NOS Valves

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Posted April 04, 2012 - 12:34 PM

It works great! But I'm not sure what I have. The re-printed manual I received with my tractor package states its a 79370 serial # 3900001 and up. I can't find a serial number on it. It does not match the drawings in the manual, very similar but not exact. The lift cable/chain does not match where it attaches to the Tiller. The mid mount pulley.idler assembly does not match, The belt is part # 1599 which I found to work just fine. The mid mount works but it is not right and is a pain to get on and working. The belt number that should work on a 79370 is 2" to long and will not work. I do not believe this is a 79271 either...

I'm flabber gasted I've search and search over the internet trying to figure it out. I know the guy I purchased it from acquired all the attachments over a span of year so he might have found something that would work but not exactly for the tractor. I;m wondering if I woudl be ahead of the game to try and source the prioper mid mount idler setup...but I would like a bit more information before spending to time searching for it or if it will work and what belt might work if I change it.

I already laid out the cash for a 110265 belt and I'll have to ship it back at this point.

Thanks for any guidance you folks can provide


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Posted April 04, 2012 - 04:20 PM

Here are the model numbers oldest to newest
RT-366 Replaced by RT-367, 7-1211, 7-1251, 7-1252, 67-36TL01, 77-36TL01, 77-36TL02, 87-36TL01, 97-36TL01, 07-36TL01, 07-36TL02, 07-36TL03, 07-36TL04, 07-36TL05, 79370

There are 6 different parts lists for the 79370 but do not know if any of the actual parts are different.
1997 to 2000
2001 and 2003

Here are the models that use the 1599 belt
Tiller drive belt (1974 7-1251) (1975 7-1252) (1976 67-36TL01) (1977 77-36TL01) (1977 77-36TL02) (1978 87-36TL01) (1979 97-36TL01) (1980-1983 07-36TL01)


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NOS Valves

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Posted April 04, 2012 - 05:48 PM


Thanks for the clarification. My impatience nature kept digging on my own and I finally found a manual that explains the strange mid mount pulley situation and differences at the rear. The tiller is a 7-1252 for a 1975 tractor which does use the 1599 belt. I wonder if I can source the mid mount idler parts alone for the 79370? It sure would be easier to get the belt and idler setup on with the 79370 mid mount setup which I think will work the same. The main difference is the idler arm on the 79370 is straight with just an offset and the spring loading is achieved going from the arm up toward the frame in front of the idler assembly completely. On the 7-1252 mid mount idler assembly the idler arm has a 90 degree in it to allow the tension spring to head back toward the brake pedal. The guy I purchased this from has the thing jerry rigged with a bolt to an unused motor mount hole and things are tight space wise to get it all on. So tight the bottom clip for the clutch bar has to be slid in from the other direction from normal or it interferes with the idler arm. Not sure this all makes sense but half aXXed stuff like that drives me nuts even though it works perfect. I mean this thing can tear up the dirt and doesn't brake a sweat when you hit sod that has been in place for ages... Really sweet performance. My back is over joyed that I won't be drug around by a walk behind roto tiller this planting season.