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#16 trowel OFFLINE  



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Posted August 05, 2014 - 05:45 AM

Rick, many thanks for the kind words,


Life gives us challenges, how we go about dealing with it is what makes a person into what they are, strength can be found in our father and his son, all it takes is a prayer, a question and a open heart and mind, power comes from this strength but one has to exercise humility.


We are always growing learning and changing with the world but the power within ones self remains the same, the seeder is stored for now and forgiveness was given, it is my duty as a young adult managing several properties and and the door to several peoples lives to make the right choices, my choices affects many, no different from many members of this fourm who has families and delegate multiple people's lives in many different ways, we are after all human.


I want to say welcome to GT Talk Rick, glad you joined and you never know, we may meet someday.

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Posted August 05, 2014 - 12:13 PM

I feel your'e pain,,,,,  It's like borrowing a tool and it comes back broke..I let a friend borrow my chain saw,, He said it quit running...  HE put plain gas in it,, not mix  2 cycle...   He said he was sorry,,,,  but I was out a chainsaw......  Nowadays if someone wants to BORROW  ,,,,  I do it for them...Yes it's my time and labor  BUT I know my equipment and I get it back and in one piece..


                Again---------  sad to hear about the seeder                                           sodi...

  • trowel said thank you

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Posted August 05, 2014 - 06:40 PM

Thanks for the kind words Sodi, like your saw i do the same or just flat out say say no.


I gave my old car to Morgen and her boyfriend to sell to help fix up the old truck my grandmother gave her for her first ride, after a few month of saving money, buying parts and working their little butts off they finally put it on the road, within a week she was driving to work early in the morning and found black ice and a tree, i prayed the whole drive to the hospital, almost an hour.


Don't worry, she walked with bumps and bruises, tough little girl, back to work in a few days : http://gardentractor...656&hl=+morgen 


When it comes to our love ones money and material objects are nothing, i like to remind myself when things like my seeder happens.

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Posted September 06, 2014 - 12:31 PM

  So sorry to here about the seeder part being broken, so glad you decided not to resort to violence  because this just shows that we all can take the high road  and really need to as our Father in Heaven says - do onto other's as You would like to be treated in the same situation ....not exact quote but Im sure you get the idea :)  as some food for thought could that hole peace be remade from steel ?  or Aluminum ? anyway were there is a will there is a way Pray to our father for His direction and it will be granted .