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Vote Now For Featured Tractor Of The Month Of April!

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Poll: Vote Now for Featured Tractor of the Month of April! (199 member(s) have cast votes)

Which Tractor do you wish to vote for?

  1. 575 Simplicity Wonderboy -bud119195 (21 votes [10.55%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.55%

  2. Bush Hog D4-10 -olcowhand (38 votes [19.10%])

    Percentage of vote: 19.10%

  3. Voted Bolens Estate Keeper (EK10)- Bolens 1000 (25 votes [12.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.56%

  4. Wizard garden tractor -steve johnson (54 votes [27.14%])

    Percentage of vote: 27.14%

  5. David Bradley Tri-Trac -Gtractor (41 votes [20.60%])

    Percentage of vote: 20.60%

  6. John Deere 214 - jdslednut (10 votes [5.03%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.03%

  7. Economy King - Lovintractorin (6 votes [3.02%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.02%

  8. Murray -1978murray (4 votes [2.01%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.01%




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Posted February 02, 2012 - 07:18 PM

Voting for GTtalk Featured Tractor of the Month for the month of April 2012 has now officially started and will end the last day of March.

The theme for this month was Before and After. Your garden tractor before and after a restoration, tractor needs to be in it's stock configuration without modifications.

The winner will be featured on the GTtalk Home Page for the entire month of April and in our Featured Tractor Section for infinity. Our featured tractor winners are also printed in the LAGT magazine so if you are not a subscriber you are missing out.

We have 8 nominations this month, I have put them in the order the poll is so hopefully it makes it a little easier.

575 Simplicity Wonderboy ---bud119195

Bush Hog D4-10 ---olcowhand

Bolens Estate Keeper(EK10)---Bolens 1000

Wizard garden tractor --- steve johnson

David Bradley Tri-Trac --- Gtractor

John Deere 214 --- jdslednut

Economy King --- Lovintractorin

murray --- 1978murray
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#2 bud119195 OFFLINE  


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Posted March 04, 2012 - 09:52 AM

This is a Before during and after shot of my 575 Simplicity Wonderboy.I got the tractor from my uncle,he called me and told me he bought one and I told him if he wanted to sell it I would double his money.Well about a year later he calls and asked if I still wanted it for the same deal that we once discussed.So I bought it for $60
Once I got it I tore it I completely apart and started the restoration on it. Sanded and sandblasted every part . Freshened up the motor and, and found some white leather and made my own seat cover. Found 4 new tires and Hubcaps. The paint I used was Chevy orange spray can.and the white is Powder Coat.
All in all it was a fun little project that took about a year to do.Never new that something like this would make for a lot of conversation at tractor shows.

Attached Thumbnails

  • 575 wonderboy.jpg
  • pictures 117.jpg
  • show pictures 004.jpg

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#3 olcowhand ONLINE  


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Posted March 04, 2012 - 10:21 AM

I wish to nominate my 1967 Bush Hog D4-10. I've owned this tractor about 6 years, having bought it from a former neighbor. He actually approached me about selling it to me, and I'm usually the one searching/looking to buy. He said he didn't have the know-how to get it going, but knew I liked garden tractors, and if I had it, he might eventually get to see her restored. His Father-in-Law bought it new & had recently passed away at the time I purchased it. It came with a 42" push blade, and a 42" cut belly deck. It hadn't ran in years, and had sat outside for several years as well.
It sat inside my shed for over 3 years before I finally got the time to start on it. Once I got started, it took over 2 1/2 years to complete. Every bolt came off, and every component completely taken apart, cleaned, blasted or electrolysis bath, then painting. The engine smoked a lot, so it also got a rebuild.
Having made the decals for a Bush Hog company restoration of the same model, they sent me the only part I didn't have for a complete restoration, which was a NOS grill emblem.
This is the only true restore I have ever done & was surely the toughest project I have ever taken on. I made the decals myself, as well as plated some of the parts with a small "at home" electroplating kit. The only thing I didn't do totally myself was the seat cushion, which I cut the wooden bases, then hired the cushions made.
This tractor will only be used at a couple local shows as I have little time to take it very far, being I dairy farm & time is a premium. I don't mind having one "Trailer Queen", but this is likely the only one I own that won't see at least some sort of work.

DSC00025..jpg DSC00039.JPG Bush Hog D4-10, my 1st BH.jpg DSC00046.JPG

decals.jpg angle.jpg rolling chassis.jpg DSC05625.jpg
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Bolens 1000

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Posted March 04, 2012 - 10:44 AM

I'll Get in on this month as well
I'll nominate my 1969 Bolens Estate Keeper (EK10)

I bought this just over a year ago after quite a few years of looking for one of these. It was complete when I got it but It was in pretty rough shape. All tires were bad, some of the rims had rust holes in them and parts of the aluminum hood were cracked. I ended up draining out about 2 quarts of water from the crank case :wallbanging: Thankfully I had a few parts engines to swap out the connecting rod, piston and crank.

I had a friend of mine sandblast the parts for me and then I got them primed. The aluminum is like a sponge and it took about 4 coats of primer LOL. After that I had to hand sand all the parts to scuff up the aluminum paint surface for the paint to hold.
I bought decals for it and had to get the ID plate custom made as well.
Here is the end result, I hope to restore one of the decks I have this summer .

Attached Thumbnails

  • tractor heaven 056.JPG
  • tractor heaven 057.JPG
  • ek 003.JPG
  • ek 10 with decals! 004.JPG
  • ek 10 with decals! 006.JPG
  • ek 10 with decals! 009.JPG

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#5 steve johnson OFFLINE  

steve johnson


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Posted March 04, 2012 - 10:44 AM

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Posted March 04, 2012 - 11:33 PM

I would like to nominate my 1953 David Bradley Tri-Trac.

My brother found this tractor in a salvage yard in a Kansas City, Kansas. At the time the tractor was not for sale but the yard owner took my brothers name and number at my brothers request. The story was the tractor was driven into the salvage yard in 1980 and parked, and it was still sitting in the very same spot 21 years later when my brother discovered it in 2001. The entire salvage yard and the Tri-Trac had been under water in the big flood of 1993. By 2001 the tires were completely rotted away, the engine was locked up, and the seat pad had held moisture rotting out a large section of the metal seat pan which is part of the rear fender/body.
In early 2003 the owner of the salvage yard called my brother saying the Department of Natural Recourses was making him close the salvage yard as oil from machines would contaminate the flood water if it ever flooded again. He said a fifty dollar bill would buy the remains of the tractor but if he wanted it he better hurry as most items were going to be crushed in a very short order. The call just happened to come on a day my brother had off work so he hooked up his trailer and headed out immediately.
I have a very good brother! He only charged me $10 for the gas to retrieve the tractor and told me it was safe from the crusher and at his house any time I wanted to come get it. He said don't expect much - it is very rough. At this price I didn't care and still hadn't seen the tractor or even a photo of it.
As it turned out my grandmother passed away shortly thereafter and I knew my brother would be headed this way for the service. He lives two hours from me. I called him and told him to bring just the wheels as I already had the replacement tires and would at least have the machine ready to roll onto the trailer for its next journey to my place. We swapped the rims from his car to mine in the parking lot of the funeral home.
I cut the remains of the tires off, sandblasted the rims and painted them as close to the correct color I could and mounted the tires.
The Adrian, MO show is just down the road from my brothers place so I decided to take the wheel/tire combo's and mount them on the Tri-Trac then display the tractor as is in 2003. Fellow collector Charles Wise was nice enough to let me drive his restored Tri-Trac around the grounds at the Adrian show that year and I was all fired up!
As soon as I got back from the show with the tractor I started to tear into it for a total rebuild. As you can see from the pictures I took it completely down and cleaned and painted every piece. It was several weeks of every spare minute to rebuild the tractor and believe it or not the engine was not stuck bad. I had it running in a very short order and it sounded great. The only real problems were the gas tank was left without a lid for many years with rain water and leaves got inside the tank rotting it out on the bottom side. Also the side covers were missing and those can be real hard to find. Luckily the clutch and air cleaner were still on the tractor.
I restored the tractor and displayed it at shows and parades in late 2003 and early 2004 without the side covers. Sometime in 2004 I found a pair of side covers on Ebay that were in pretty good shape and I bid to own. The sidecovers costs close to three hundred dollars with shipping but I was glad to have them. With some bodywork and paint they were mounted and I have used this David Bradley for show and parade duty on many occasions since.
The first picture [7-25-03] is how the tractor looked the first time I saw it. Brother and I were mounting the wheel tire combo's at his place. The second picture is "as displayed" that weekend at Adrian in 2003. The third picture is stripped down to the bare frame and ready for paint. Fourth picture [8-20-03] is the first day it ran and moved under its own power in 23 years. I had just bolted a pan seat on so I could drive it around the yard. The fifth picture is of the side panels as recieved from the Ebay auction. Picture number 6 is the finished Tri-Trac.
Thank you GTTalk for this most awesome contest! Thanks to all who read my long rambling entry!

Attached Thumbnails

  • tri-trac 1.JPG
  • tri-trac 2.JPG
  • tri-trac 3.JPG
  • tri-trac 4.JPG
  • tri-trac 5.JPG
  • Tri-Trac 6.JPG

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Posted March 05, 2012 - 12:57 AM

I'll throw a green one into the mix.

I received this 1978 John Deere 214 in trade for some repair work on a friend's 212. As it turned out, there was much more involved with the restoration than I had expected. Sometimes "free" costs more than you've bargained for. I suppose I should have taken a better hint that having over 4400 hours might mean I'd be in for a challenge.

When I got the tractor it didn't run. I knew there were some engine issues already as a student of mine brought it in to small engines class to try to get to the source of the massive blow-by. After disassembling the engine I found that a broken ring had caused severe damage to the cylinder wall. It had to be sleeved at the machine shop along with a turning down of the crankshaft. The machine shop actually gave me the wrong crankshaft when I picked it up but luckily had another of the same specifications unclaimed on the shelf. I could tell it was wrong when I went to blt the PTO on and there was no hole! They drilled and tapped it and thus far has worked fine.

I cut out and rewelded a new motor mount in the frame as well as added a front lift kit, rear lift kit, and spring lift assist. The steering box needed to be rebuilt as well as replacement of the tie rod ends and kingpin bushings and bolt. I added a set of LED rear lights for a little modern effect and polished the front lens for a more clear view. I needed a replacement hood found from a 210 which required a little fiberglass work but was much better than attempting to repair the mounting bolts in the old hood.

The transmission was in good order but there was a lot of play in the axle hubs. Some set screws drilled and tapped into the hubs have temporariy solved the problem but I forsee a replacement set of hubs and axles in the future.

A donor 212 was the source of a lot of parts including a fender pan, side shields, and a grill as well as about a year and a half of small purchases on Craigslist and Ebay. Luckily, I was able to pay for most of the parts I needed by parting out the donor 212.

Currently, I have a Model 43 blade mounted for snow duty. Although, in this unusually snow-sparce winter in this part of Minnesota, it hasn't seen much use.

117_0538.JPG 117_0537.JPG
214 001.jpg 100_2150.JPG
JD 214 After 006.jpg JD 214 After 001.jpg
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Posted March 05, 2012 - 09:30 AM

Wow, this month is getting a great turnout. I'll throw mine into the mix for the fun of it.

We recently moved into the city and left quite a bit behind for lack of space, understandable for moving from three acres to a postage stamp, and I was tractorless and lonely. Near three years ago I had enough extra money to start looking. I put a few adds on craigslist and got a few good responses. Didn't seriously pursue anything until a guy called me about a Economy King. I had been reading about those tractors and was drooling over the thought of owning one. As soon as we could, we took the half hour drive out to take a look at it. It was rough but I knew I wanted it and they did manage to get it started for us. Hardly looked it over and agreed to a price. A couple days later a friend of theirs delivered it and I immediately drove it around trying to find things to do with it. As I said it was rough and needed a bit of work. Here are some pictures shortly after I got it.

Economy Tractor 001.jpg

tractor 010.jpg

tractor  before.jpg

That winter I started into fixing it up. As I disassembled it I realized what all needed replacing. First of all the clutch was a almost complete homemade job with bits of metal welded together, baling wire and some other parts. It had worked but didn't like releasing completely.


It also had a replacement engine from either a pump or generator and had a tapered shaft. There was a conglomeration of shims and whatnot to make it work but it had quite a bit of play which caused some uneven wear on the clutch fingers.

uneven wear (2).JPG


All this plus the transmission input shaft was cut down to make room for a washer and bolt to keep the clutch flywheel in place.


After buying most of the clutch parts, a new engine crank and clutch flywheel, having the transmission re-machined and some new bushings pressed in place, it was ready for a repaint and reassembly. With many wire wheels and lots of work I wired brushed everything, welded some faulty factory welds and made some new lift brackets for the front.

wire brushed frame.JPG

New lift holder.JPG

By spring I had it together with new bearings all around, bull gear, drop bull gear housing, and mostly painted but the magneto was bad and it wouldn't run.


IMG_0011 (2).jpg

I decided instead of getting the magneto I would put the starter generator back on and run it off the battery. Later improvements were a backrest on the seat, electric lift, a three point, quiet VW muffler and the rims painted.





It earns it's keep around here with the development of our 2 acre urban farm.


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Posted March 07, 2012 - 07:16 PM

I would like to nominate my 1978 murray. The only problem is that i dont have pics of when it came home I do got video.

Here is my 1978 murray 11/36. I got this tractor about 2 years ago from my nieghbors relitive. It sat outside for 5 years and has not ran in sometime. When i got it home it was in sad shape. There were parts missing, leaking oil, and very rusty. So over the winter me and my dad got it all stripped down and ready for paint. Now, we painted it with rustolium and a brush not a good combo, but this tractor was ment to get beat up. So after a long time we got a nice new looking tractor (atleast from 20ft away).

Today this tractor is my workhorse. It hauls everything and it does its share of plowing. The motor now needs overhauled and the bushings need replaced. But overall its a great tractor and full of memories

when i got it home


murray 11/36

murray 11/36

murray 11/36

murray 11/36

murray 11/36

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Bolens 1000

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Posted March 10, 2012 - 05:05 PM

Ok, I got the poll all set up, Let the voting begin! :dancingbanana:

#11 Texas Deere and Horse OFFLINE  

Texas Deere and Horse

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Posted March 10, 2012 - 07:20 PM

Boy, this is going to be another tough month to choose from. You folks have entered some very nice restored tractors, Thanks for getting into the contest. :thumbs:

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Posted March 11, 2012 - 01:11 PM

Some great tractors this month but I love the tri trac, that is a personal favorite of mine.
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Posted March 11, 2012 - 01:25 PM

Can I pick them all ? :D

#14 JDBrian OFFLINE  


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Posted March 11, 2012 - 02:56 PM

Wow!, what a crop of great choices this month. I had a hard time choosing. Great work on all the entrants folks!

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Posted March 12, 2012 - 04:25 AM

Well,I made my decision,wasn't easy,but I did it.

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