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Tire chains how I made mine

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Posted February 06, 2012 - 01:16 PM

A poster was interested in how I made my chains for my 140 I don't have a better pic off the tractor and will add a pic with them on the tractor tomorrow

A lot of this process is looking twice three four times put them on take them off adjusting and looking at them drink a beer or pop look some more

I started off using two five foot sections of chain it actually to long they are realistically 31/2to 4 feet in length I wanted them to be longer in case my measurements didn't work out they wouldn't be to short and It gave me room to work with on the final fitting I did cut off if I remember right approx 1 foot during final fitting but it best to build them longer always easier to take away vs adding

The cross sections for my tires jd 140 23x10.5x12 started off being 16 links long this was cut down during the fitting process to eventually being 14 link long cross section

I cut all my cross sections to 16 link long depending on how many cross sections you want being it every four links or every two links
I opted for every 7 link as to keep cost down and it was my first set that I have made so in case I messed up it wouldn't be so costly and later after I have them in the tire and snug I can always add more then

I took the first piece of chain and counted down the chain 6 links and the sixth link was where I attached my first cross section and every 7th link there after until I ran out of Room on the I will call it the connecting chain

I then took the other connecting chain and repeated the same steps as above making sure I had some tag ends on both main connecting chains at both ends

Now for the fitting the fun part at this time it pays to be patient and look more vs cut. It makes it a lot easier with tire off tractor and up on a bench of sorts and a extra hand is nice too

It is important to let air out of your tires before final fitting thus allows you to get them tight first by you adjusting them and getting them tight in your own then when you add air it puts them good and tight so no slipping

I laid the chain out and sat the tire in the middle then took both ends of connecting chain up to top of tire and connected them in place not permanently but just with a repair link just to hold them in place while I worked out all the slack and twists in the chain

Work around the tire getting all the slack out you can and see what how many links may need removed or hopefully not added hence make them a little bigger than needed this step in removing links should only involve the cross members at this time not the connecting chains themselves leave them long

Once you sure on the amount needed to make a good fit go make your adjustments and then do another sizing and adjusting by this time you should be good width wise reconnect using something temporary to hold them in place while you adjust and eyeball them to be sure

If your satisfied with how they are fitting it's time to start making final connections and cutting the connecting chains to proper length again every thing is all just being held in place with repair shackles no permanent connecting just yet

Get them as tight as possible by hand only remember the air you put back will tighten them up more

Once your satisfied with how they fitting go ahead and make your permanent connections You may have lost a cross member in the final connecting chain cut if so go ahead and add that back before making final permanent Connections

Once all connections have been made add air back to tires install back on tractor and go try them out

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Posted February 06, 2012 - 01:35 PM

I've made a few sets now, I have access to old chain around the farm.

One thing I've made up is connect them is an s hook on the inside, Then I use a 6" chuck of round bar with a loop and 90 degree bend in it,

You run it through your last link and fold it back over on the chain, keeps them tight, working pretty good so far. (I should post a pic)

No sure what you mean by connecting chain. I have a chain bender tool, I break a link with the bolt cutter only on 1 side of the link, then end up reusing it for connections.

After 4 sets, I have it down to about a 2 beer process. 4 if you can coax a buddy into helping.

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Posted February 06, 2012 - 01:53 PM

Connecting chain the chain the cross sections attach to the long sections not sure what the technical name their called I used all repair links the kind you hammer close.

I used a vice instead of hammer and the vice handy if you need to open them back up

I'm gonna make another set for the 110 I'm getting I'll be sure to put better pictures up then

If I drank beer I guess you could say it was 6 pack worth of time pretty easy it's the adjusting and measuring that takes the most time