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Light Bulb Changer

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Posted February 01, 2012 - 03:26 PM

LOL... Seen that video a long time ago.

I can tell you though the guy got a lot of flack over it. He didn't follow correct safety procedures at some times.

But that aside. There is not that big of a safety risk as long as you know what your doing. Your tied off with a fall arrestor and body harness, those big towers have a ladder up the middle with a climb cable and you slide the arrestor attachment up as you go, an ascender goes on the cable that goes up the middle of the ladder. Me and a couple other local guys do a lot of tower work, towers, water towers, you name it, if it has an antenna on it we have worked on it. The one member of our group has been up a 450ft broadcast tower many times to change lightbulbs, its regular maintenance.

If you want a really good view of this type of work, look up a series that was on the National Geographic Channel, it was called World's Toughest Fixes, Season 1 Episode 6. They were replacing the antenna on the top of the KDLT tower in South Dakota. 1,999 to the top of the antenna mast and lightning arrestor at the top tip.

KDLT tower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thats even taller then the tallest tower here in MN, the KPXM in Big Lake at 1,505 feet.

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Posted February 02, 2012 - 09:13 PM

NO WAY, NO HOW would you ever get me up there!!! That made my palms sweat just watching it and honestly I couldn't finish watching and had to turn it off. It made my nerves bad just watching. Being someone who doesn't like heights I wouldn't have even rode the elevator to the 1600ft mark to begin with. (Doubtful you'd have got me past the 300ft mark)! That is just plain nuts! I'm glad there are people that will do it though so we can all enjoy our modern conveiniences. In my opinion he deserves every penny he earns!

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Posted February 02, 2012 - 09:38 PM

I thought same as thing Dean, about not having a fast way down... I would be more worried about something on the tower failing then I would be about myself slipping. That said, no chance I would do it without safety clips and such.

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Posted February 02, 2012 - 10:06 PM

I am an electrician. Mostly industrial work. The highest I've ever been was to pull (install) cable on a tower at 368 feet, climbing down a cable tray to about 110 feet, tying down each cable after we pulled it, one at a time. Yep, it is a bit windy. sucks big time when there's ice too. no 'free climb' tho. those guys ARE crazy!