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bolens h14/16 seal replacement

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Posted January 23, 2012 - 07:51 PM

i just got done putting new seals in my h14 and it is the newer version with the sump cooled reservoir and it has light weight atf fluid so the littlest in perfection in the seal and it will leak but on to replacing the seals here are the steps
the SKF part numbers are
the toatal is $60 -70 i know that's alot
second use a 15/16 socket to remove the nut on the NON diff lock side
third drain the fluid out its a 1/4 Allen socket
4 th jack up the rear end and remove the tires
5 th CLEAN EVERY THING you dont want any contaminants
6 th take non diff hub off try to use a puller it is a tappered shaft i do not have a puller big enough so i heated it up and hit it with a hammer till it came off
7th remove diff lock knob and use a snap ring plyer to remove snap ring on dif lock side pull diff lock hub out
8 remove old seals i use a ream (screw driver with ground down fine point on the end) try to get the edge of the metal that goes in the the casting
9 CLEAN EVERY PART shaft casting clean as a wise
10 OIL ALL SHAFTS AND SEAL LIPS ! a dry seal will wear out almost instantly
press new seals in use a socket or a pipe the same size as the out side of the seal put non diff lock hub with key way (may want to put anti seize on it/ put nut on
11 now it gets more tricky with the diff lock side get a coke a cola bottle and cut a 3'' x 2'' section out of it press the new seal in the hub and use the piece of plastic as a sleeve to slide in the seal and over the thread on the shaft make sure its coated in oil slide the hub in and when it stops turn it slow to aline the coupler on the diff and the diff lock hub put washer them key /adapter /key /tapered cone/shims/the clip put the diff lock knob on
12 now put tires on set on the ground
13 DONT FORGET to tighent up the 15/16 nut on the non diff lock side
14 fill with fluid atf dextron mercron and it holds 4 l or 4 quarts
15 be safe and dispose of the old fluid and seals properly and have fun
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