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John Deere L130, 2008, 235hrs. Opinions Needed Please

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Posted January 21, 2012 - 05:26 PM

If it's a L130, then it's not a 2008. 2007 was the last year for a L130. That model uses the K46 transmission, which is fine for mowing, but if the previous owner used the tractor to pull a cart, or other related chores, the transmission might be suspect now, as the K46 were light duty transmission just made for mowing. Price, to me, seems to be in line with what I see here, and in fact might be a little lower than some on Craig's list. If you go to machinefinder.com, you can find other L130s with similar hours and compare those prices. Test drive the tractor and if you have a hill, drive it up that hill to see if the transmission struggles or makes any loud noises or whines more (a little whine is okay). Check condition of deck to see if it's been abused, maintain properly, as well as the engine. Look for any oil build up on the engine. Those also have a filmsy steering wheel support, so check to see if the steering wheel is still tight in the dash. Check front end for slop in the spindles. Check to see if there is any evidence of leaks underneath the transmission and axle seals.

As mentioned, there are better machines out there, but the L-series were fine mowers if not abused.

I have to agree with Tmo. Mine was not abused, first couple mowings I smelled burnt wireing. Coil under shroud burnt up. Took it in and warrenty covered. Had oil leak on bottom of engine, warrenty covered. Drive Spring to foot pedal broke 10-12 mowings, warrenty covered. Battery drained to nothing, I got blamed, the following week battery dead again, I got blamed for leaving key on, 3rd week I had them come get it, they fixed teh electical problem had to put in new battery and new hour metor since it read continous hour for 3 weeks. I had to fight to get it replaced. Then with less then 200 hours I had to replacle the k46 transmission on my l120. It went completly out. mower would not move. I bought this mower new from John Deere Dealer. It was out of warrenty, and a new Transmission cost me $500.00. The l series 120, 130, I know have the same rear end. Go in internet and type in L120 transmission problems, or 130 and you will find a world of very unhappy counsumers. I paid over 2 grand for this mower new and trade in value is below 1000.00. So I sell it for nothing with the rear end out or I fix it and never get my money back. I find that you will be happier with something more reliable. I fixed it and now only use it to do the ditches along the road so I don't tear up my new Graverly zero turn. I never used it on the ditches before and in don't mow hilly ground. It has a sealed transmission.
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Posted July 20, 2013 - 10:10 AM

Hello GTT, I know it's been a while... I want to weigh in on this subject of L130's... I had a 05 L120 with 600 hours and an 05 L130 with 300 hours. Like an idiot, I sold the L120 for $750. I should have sold the L130!. This machine is essentially built to be a retail product with built in obsolescence. I recently saw a JD part replacement schedule for the L130. 120 hours for deck hangers, 300 hours for deck spindles, 500 hours for transmission... Tranny and spindles not serviceable... Not worthy of the John Deere brand. If it was under 1000 new, had a single cylinder engine. and was sold with the caveat that it be used less than 1 hour per week, on flat ground only it may be acceptable. But they stuck a decent 23 hp v twin in it... Probably way too much power for the rest of the tractor. Also, large rims and tires, to add to the illusion that this was a capable machine. They really should have stuck a Scotts or Sabre sticker on it... As soon as it is working properly, I'm selling it to someone with a little, flat patch of grass...