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Kohler 341 14hp oil breather

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Posted January 07, 2012 - 02:18 PM

Hi ,
Its good to be able to remember my password and come back to this great site! Anyway my jake developed an oil leak over the summer. I always just thought it was a head gasket and thought I would just bring it into the shop this winter and change it. Well I have been really busy at work and kept telling myself to make time to do this. Up here in NH this year we have had no snow as of yet so the plow is not even hooked up yet. We did the fall cleanup with it and I haul my firewood with it once a week but thats about it. So my point is we have not used it much since about October. I took it out of the shop today to clean it up since it is about 48 outside. I took the air cleaner off, and all that leaking oil was gummed up on the side of the block. I cleaned it all off and now I see it is not the head gasket. It looked like the oil breather tube. I removed it and cleand around as well. I then took the plate off where that "brillo pad " filter is. Cleaned it out as well. I found a pin hole on the bottom the oil breather engine plate part of this setup. Oil is comming out of it and cant find anything in the manual for this. Does anybody know if this is right or how this pin hole came about or how to fix it? I am going to put it all back together as is but I would like to fix it.

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Posted January 07, 2012 - 02:55 PM

Welcome back.
You are getting blowby into the crankcase which is forcing the oil out the breather tube. I had the same problem on my jd314. In my case there was a obviously leaking head gasket as well. The blowby was caused by carbon buildup at the top of the cylinder by the exhaust valve. The carbon was actually interfering with the piston and had worn away a bit of the outside edge. This was preventing the rings from sealing properly at the top of the piston travel. I cleaned up the carbon deposits on the head, piston and top of the cylinder, made sure the head and cylinder deck were clean and flat and replaced the head gasket and bolts. Result was no more oil leakage. This may or may not be the case with your engine but since you already have the head gasket I vote for having a look see inside to see what's up. According to the Kohler engine manual the carbon is supposed to be removed every 500hrs as a preventive maintenance item. Very few of these engines ever had that service done. Keep us informed on how it goes.