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  1. December 2017 Tractor of the Month!

    This tractor was first originally bought just for the mower deck as I did not have one for my Ford LGT 145. I bought it sight unseen and had a friend pick it up for me so I had no idea what I was getting. When this tractor first came home I knew that it had to be brought back to it former glory. It was put in the back yard under a tarp with the intentions of getting back to it in a couple of years. But then I came across the a Miller bobcat welding machine that the welding side no longer worked. And you ever google searched Ford LGT Diesel the first tractor that come up is skyryder2s Ford with a diesel. Right away I knew this is something that I would like to take on. I started by asking on this forum if and how it could be done and I was told that it could be done and has been done.


    lgt/ kubota d722


    That is the welder that the motor came out of.
    This is the tractor when I first got it.


    The blower came with my first tractor a close side LGT 145, it was rebuilt last year with new bearing, chain, sprockets and a fresh paint job. I used it a little last year during the test stages of building the tractor and seemed to work very well. The motor is rated at 14.9 KW or 21hp so chewing up snow should be a blast with this machine.



    I just installed a new seat so the tractor is pretty much done. But I sure there will be something else that I need to change!


    Here is video that was taken today in the first snowfall of the complete tractor.

    • Dec 05, 2017 03:32 PM
    • by pryan05
  2. November 2017 Tractor of the Month!

    This is my 1968 Wards Garden Mark Squire 12. I have gone trough this tractor, and made it presentable and functional again. It has a 16hp briggs in it. My grandfather purchased it new and he gave it to me. He didnt expect me to restore it. When he saw pictures of it working again he was impressed. This tractor was originally a gold color, but was painted red some time in the 1980s. My main use for this tractor is to use it in the garden.


    [attachment=252879:squire1.jpg] [attachment=252880:squire2.jpg] [attachment=252881:squire3.jpg] [attachment=252882:squire4.jpg]

    • Nov 01, 2017 12:36 PM
    • by Z71 Sierra
  3. October 2017 Tractor of the Month!

    I am going to nominate my latest haul. The history of this tractor is unclear, due to the previous owner not asking anything about the tractor when he bought it 8 years ago out of Eastern Pennsylvania. However, he did not do anything to it or with it himself, so it sat all this time, either inside or outside depending on available shop space. He listed the tractor on Craigslist and I bought it. As some of you knew I had been wanting a homemade tractor for some time now.


    After tinkering on the tractor for two hours it was running and driving around the yard. Power is provided by a UC-60 International Harvester power unit from the 1940s as it is a Continental Y69 sourced engine. This chain drives a late 1930s Dodge 3-speed transmission, which finally chain drives a 1950s Pontiac rear axle. If white wall tires isnt class I dont know what is, mabey the three brake pedals, none of which operate both brakes simultaneously. Or could it be the living room furniture that offers a little comfort until you realize it tilts opposite of direction of travel every time you change direction. Maybe some open chains near your feet when you let out the clutch pedal you cant really reach easily is that extra bit of class to tip the scales. Speaking of tipping the scales, that concrete might set that idea in rock solid form.


    Now the big quiestion, what is it? I am going to take a shot and pick a decade of manufacturer, key off the styling a branding, and make up a model. 1970s International Harvester Custom Crop.


    My plans for this tractor include leaving it mostly alone except to refine the operator controls slightly to make it easier and safer to operate, and swap out the dryrotted tires for ag lugs and tri ribs. I am slowly debating implementation for this tractor, possibly a plow or grader blade is in its future. If only I knew of the original intended task this tractor was built to handle, I would equip it accordingly. As most of you guys know, the Custom Crop has found itself a home where it will get well deserved exercise and shown to future generations of tractor gurus in hopes of prolonging the hobby, and stimulating the creativity of the newest generations.


    [attachment=250364:haul2.jpg] [attachment=250365:haul3.jpg] [attachment=250366:haul4.jpg] [attachment=250367:haul5.jpg]

    • Oct 04, 2017 12:45 PM
    • by wvbuzzmaster
  4. September 2017 Tractor of the Month!

    I'll enter my 1977 Economy Powerking.


    This tractor used to belong to the family next door who bought it new originally. I have fond memories as a little kid watching it in action during summers from across the chain link fence. In fact, as soon as I would hear the screech of the starter whirl from inside our house- (it's that loud) when they would fire it up in their garage I'd go running out to see it in action while they mowed. I used to think it was one of the neatest looking (and sounding) tractors as something like this is quite uncommon in our neck of the woods and I had never seen one like it. Fast forward to 2013 - a couple of decades later - I asked if I could buy it as they had not been using it for a few years and had also moved it outside where it was being stored under a tarp. To somewhat of a surprise, they let me buy it.


    Since then, I have enjoyed using it, fixing it up where it needed it, and upgrading it as well to my style. I really didn't know much at all about these tractors but after researching them when I was considering buying it, I discovered this one didn't come with many options. I knew I still wanted one so I had briefly considered finding another one instead that was optioned better but that idea was quickly thrown under the rug as no other tractor would replace the emotional attachment to this particular one, which was more important to me. The manual lift had to go seeing my intended uses for it so I ended up tracking down a complete factory hydraulic lift setup from someone out of state. Most recently I purchased a secondary transmission setup for it as well which I'll be installing down the road when I restore it. Other things that some other things include changing the stance with custom made wheels spacers from Motorsport Tech, larger front and rear Carlisle tires, refinished/powdercoated rims, all new hydraulic hoses, taller 24" rear wheel model front king pins, battery box, weathered fasteners replaced with stainless where necessary, and a rear vintage style LED taillight.


    [attachment=247847:power2.jpg] [attachment=247848:power3.jpg] [attachment=247849:power4.jpg][attachment=247849:power4.jpg] [attachment=247850:power5.jpg] [attachment=247852:power6.jpg] [attachment=247853:power7.jpg] [attachment=247854:power8.jpg] [attachment=247855:power9.jpg][attachment=247856:power10.jpg][attachment=247857:power11.jpg] [attachment=247858:power12.jpg] [attachment=247859:power13.jpg][attachment=247860:power14.jpg][attachment=247861:power15.jpg][attachment=247863:power16.jpg]

    • Sep 03, 2017 09:18 AM
    • by Austen
  5. August 2017 Tractor of the Month!

    I put forth for your consideration, my 1962 Gemco Big Boy. I purchased this machine three years ago. And after an extensive search I managed to find one in South Carolina. Since I only heard, but never seen one before, well you know I, I had to have it. The tractor is shown here with its original Brinly implements the cultivator being my favorite. This tractor is becoming exceedingly rare as there were not many built. They were manufactured in Norfolk, VA. and were distributed by National Mower corp. from a warehouse in Buffalo NY. they were also available for purchase at Goodyear tire stores. The machine is chain driven and also has chain steering. But it's most interesting feature is its innovative implement lift system. While most if not all manufacturer's used an arm lift, this use's a leg lift system for front and rear implements, as the lift arm is reversible. While I personally know of eight of them, one belonging to GTTalk member jabelman and another I owned now in the hands of GTTalk member Andrew Black aka Panzer boy, I have never come across one with it's original lift arm. I should add those are the original paint colors. Thanks Hank.


    [attachment=244366:big boy2.jpg]
    [attachment=244367:big boy 3.jpg]
    [attachment=244368:big boy4.jpg]
    [attachment=244369:big boy5.jpg]
    [attachment=244371:big boy8.jpg]
    [attachment=244372:big boy9.jpg]

    • Aug 03, 2017 10:50 AM
    • by HANKG
  6. July Tractor of the Month!

    For "lawn motoring" this is what I have. Here`s my 1920 Milbradt riding mower, probably one of the first gas powered riders! It is powered by a Missouri Gas Engine Co. engine, I`ve been told that they mainly made marine engines. The transmission is a forward/reverse marine transmission. A good friend of mine had this for sale, my wife loved it too when she saw it, and she bought it for my birthday almost 2 years ago! It certainly pays to wait for the right woman!
    The transmission slipped badly when I finally got it running and picked up a very large (and expensive!) drive chain for it and tried taking it for a test drive. I hope to have all the bugs worked out of it for the shows later this summer. It has a very primitive condenser on the engine for cooling, and tiller steering. Ignition is by a timer on the engine and a battery and coil under the seat. A very cool ride!







    • Jul 11, 2017 09:34 AM
    • by Rustysteele
  7. TOTM April - 1967 Minneapolis-Moline 110 Hydro.

    I would like to nominate my 1967 Minneapolis-Moline 110 Hydro.
    This tractor was listed on EBAY in September 2014, and I won the auction. My friends brother hauled it to Pennsylvania from Ohio, and the work began. This tractor only had one front wheel on it, the other front spindle was broke off, the rear axle housing was missing. There was no grill and the glass headlight lenses busted, the seatback was cut off and the steering wheel busted. The motor did run after the usual cleaning of the fuel pump, carburetor, and gas tank.
    [attachment=231052:of the month 2.jpg] [attachment=231053:of the month 3.jpg]
    This tractor took a little over a year and a half to restore. Every nut and bolt, roll pin, cotter pin, set screw was removed. Bushing were made in the steering to remove all the wear, the transmission seals and bearings replaced and new gear oil, the hydro seals replaced new filter and oil, the engine was rebuilt but when it was started it had a vibration in it that I did not like so it was taken apart the 2nd and 3rd time changing crankshaft, flywheel, installing new crank bearings. On the 4th time we sent the flywheel, crankshaft, piston and rod out and had it balanced its a lot smoother running now. The generator was rebuilt and we made a new wiring harness. This tractor is as good as new, saved from the scrap heap and will live for another 50+ years! Thanks to my brother this Minneapolis-Moline looks better than new with that paint.

    • Apr 03, 2017 12:06 PM
    • by MM MARK
  8. February TOTM: Tiretrx 1976 Case 220

    Here's my 1976 Case 220. I found it at my local small engine sales/repair shop in May '15. I get some parts there, especially when I'm in hurry. Cool place, old school. The owner was busy that day, so it gave me a chance to check out machines in the repair lot, where I spotted this sitting. The shop owner's brother walked over and shared it's background. One owner, and it was serviced at that shop since new. K241 Kohler, with 800 hours. I jokingly asked if it was for sale, thinking he'd say no. To my surprise, he said the owner was moving and was planning to sell it after getting it serviced. We fired it up, and after I took it through a little test run, I called the owner from the shop and we made a deal.


    Original paint, decals, stickers, etc. Tires also, pretty sure. The only thing I never verified was the seat, so no claims there. There is some wear gathered through it's life, scratches, chips, etc., but overall she's pretty darn clean for her age. All I've done is clean/degrease it, and wax it occasionally. It is always stored inside, but it is still worked. I use it to mow an acre of flat field once a week during the season. And it pulls some boat trailers, and wagons, now and again. Starts every time on a 1/4 choke and runs smooth without a lick of smoke.


    [attachment=223981:TOTM 1.jpg]


    [attachment=223982:TOTM 2.jpg]


    [attachment=223983:TOTM 3.jpg]

    • Feb 01, 2017 10:53 AM
    • by tiretrx