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  1. Proper way of setting up a one bottom plow

    A plow should be run no deeper than about 1/2 it's plowing width, so a 10" plow should run no deeper than 5". The best way to set one up is to first determine the depth you'll be plowing. If 5", then run your left tires up on 5" blocks to mimic plowing position. Then adjust the side to side tilt till the plowshare is level to the ground. Then adjust 3rd arm until the rear of the land slide is level to 1/4" from the ground. If plow has an adjustable pitch built in, then use this instead of 3rd arm to adjust.

    This is a basic starting point & you may find you need to adjust further to suit soil condition, or to make up for any stress flex.

    I recommend adding a depth gauge wheel. Makes it much easier...no fishing for depth. Here's a quick adjust one I built for my "Twin 10's".


    • Dec 23, 2014 02:16 PM
    • by olcowhand