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  1. Massey MF1650 Full Restoration

    I had this 1650 garden tractor for a few years, but never had much call to use it since I had so many others. Then my nephew asked if I had a heavy duty garden tractor I'd sell. I decided to let it go. He asked if I could restore it too, so shot him a cheap price for all. Basically I broke even $ wise & gave him my labor. He's a good nephew & never asks for any help on anything, so he's deserving of a big favor. If you knew some of my other nephews, you'd know just how deserving he is! LOL

    Anyway, this is how she started out:

    [attachment=138245:Massey_Ferguson_1650_Before.jpg] [attachment=138246:Massey_Ferguson_1650_Before_1.jpg]

    [attachment=138247:Massey_Ferguson_1650_Before_2.jpg] [attachment=138248:Massey_Ferguson_1650_Before_3.jpg]

    Mechanically she was ready to go.

    [attachment=138249:Massey_Ferguson_1650_Before_4.jpg] [attachment=138250:Massey_Ferguson_1650_Before_5.jpg]


    I changed the color scheme to more match the full size Massey tractors. I think the flint metallic gray chassis looks better. There is a sticky thread with the Massey Ferguson paint codes and color schemes in the Massey & Snapper tractor forum.

    [attachment=138252:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After.jpg] [attachment=138253:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_1.jpg]

    [attachment=138254:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_2.jpg] [attachment=138255:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_3.jpg]

    Here's the red sheet metal painted. I used OE Massey enamel, with high quality wet look hardener.

    [attachment=138256:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_4.jpg] [attachment=138257:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_5.jpg]


    Here she is completed & ready for him to pick up. Was an 8hr one way for him to come get her, but for some reason he didn't mind a bit! It's gonna make him a great garden tractor for sure!

    [attachment=138259:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_7.jpg] [attachment=138260:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_8.jpg]

    [attachment=138261:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_9.jpg] [attachment=138262:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_10.jpg]

    I also let this rear 3pt mower in with the sale as I hardly ever used it. I built it from a Yard Man rider's 52" mower deck. He got a heck of a deal, tractor like new, new tires all around, with rear mower for $1550.00. BTW...I made these decals myself too. Had the wife help me when I overlaid the colors. Extra hands help a lot!

    [attachment=138263:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_11.jpg] [attachment=138264:Massey_Ferguson_1650_After_12.jpg]

    • Dec 30, 2014 06:36 PM
    • by olcowhand