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  1. Jacobsen Battery Box Hold Down Repair

    Well I went out today to blow some snow with my 1972 Jacobsen and I noticed that one of the battery hold down bolts were gone. Now I don’t like things rattling around while I am riding it so I stopped and pulled it back in the garage. The nut and washer were lying on the top so I must have lost it the other day. I took the cover off and found that the original plywood bottom for the battery to set on had rotted away where the rods that holds the cover on and holds the battery tight. I was just going to put a new rod in but decided to make a new bottom instead.

    On this forum and another one I remembered guys not having the cover or the wood tops and bottoms to put back in. I figured that now would be a good time to do a little “ How To “on making these as well as give the dimensions for all the parts and pieces.

    I will start with the cover. [attachment=99707:DSCF6876.JPG] It appears to be about 22ga steel. It is a 3 sided cover made from one piece of steel. If you have a spot welder and a pan brake it would be easy to fabricate one. If not it is still easy you would just have to use pop rivets to put it together. Each piece could be made and then pop riveted or spot welded together.

    The battery board[attachment=99710:DSCF6909.JPG] is a piece of 3/8” plywood made to fit so the battery sits on it rather than on the frame rails of the tractor. I traced the old onto a piece of new 5/8” (didn’t have 3/8”) due to the old one having rotted out where the hold down bolt went through on the one side. I would of liked to put a piece of metal channel over each side where the hold own bolt went thru but I didn’t have a piece to cut down to fit. I painted the new board with some ACE black spray paint to keep it from rotting quicker. You could use wolmanized in this place if you had some.

    Below the battery board is a small board[attachment=99715:DSCF6908.JPG] that sits on the frame rails and is held in place with two ¼” X 2” bolt bolted through battery board and frame board through the frame rails. This holds the boards in place.

    The top piece of wood[attachment=99708:DSCF6862.JPG] is to put on top of the battery to prevent the metal cover from coming into contact with the battery terminals. It has two pieces of wood screwed to a piece of ¼” Masonite. One of the blocks is made into a wedge shape. This block is to go between the battery terminals. It is important that the wedge be there to keep the board from slipping.

    I made a new hold down rod out of a piece of 5/16” rod I had lying around the shop. I fashioned a hook on the end by applying heat to one end and heating it with a torch to make it in a “ J “shape. It should be noted that the space between the end of the “ J “and the upright of the rod be wide enough to allow the wood to slip into the “ J “. I then used a die to cut threads on the upper end of the rod to form the bolt. The holes in the top were elongated and 5/16” wide already to accommodate the new rod. Unfortunately I neglected to take a picture of the new and old rods to show here. The length can be figured out after making the boards and cover and measuring from the bottom of the boards to where the cover would sit on top of the battery and through the cover.

    After reassembling the two boards on the bottom everything is replaced and tightened in to the correct position.

    Hope this might help someone out that may need these or any one of the pieces to make a complete and near original “Battery Box” for their Jacobsen.

    Here are some drawings I made of the boards and cover dimensions. The left side of the first image is missing a measurement that got cut off in the picture. That measurement should be 4 1/2" along that side . The board dimension is 8 7/8" X 4 1/2". [attachment=99714:DSCF6893.JPG][attachment=99713:DSCF6896.JPG][attachment=99806:DSCF6900.JPG][attachment=99807:DSCF6899.JPG]

    • Apr 17, 2014 07:47 PM
    • by hamman