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  1. Tractor of the Month - Alice by KennyP

    ]I'm going to nominate Alice for this month, I picked the tractor up the end of July, 2015. When I first saw it, I saw the potential to make a good working tractor from the mods already done to her. She was owned by someone into pulling and the frame had been cut to accept a Kohler Magnum 18, which I had sitting in the shop. This is what she looked like the day I brought her home.


    She was a 716-6 speed, I wanted a hydro. So everything from the BGB back was removed. It took me until mid-October to get her put together. I made a frame for an Eaton 11/Peerless 2500 out of a Ford LGT 165. Even set up the foot pedal drive. I moved the brake pedal to the LH side while I was at it. Next was using the 3-Point rock shaft off a Sears FF tractor. I found an MTD drive shaft through this forum, this has u-joints and not the discs like the AC uses. Added in an oil cooler since I did not have a fan to cool the hydro. Since getting it going, I have installed a two-spool valve from a MF. Rear fenders are early Sears/Roper. Seat slide is from the Ford. I have a tool box under the seat. I also had to extend the hood and front frame 4" to make room for the exhaust.


    Before taking her to Ball Hollow Plow days last Spring, I bought some tri-ribs for the front and a set of BKT 26-12's for the rear. Made a pair of suitcase weights for the front out of lead, 40 lbs. each. The rears are full of washer fluid, each one weights 120 lbs. I have Sears 40 lb. weights on the outside, and Gravely two-piece 40 lb. weight installed inside each wheel. I have no spinning issues!


    I have also built a canopy for the hotter days. Implements I have built that I use on the 3-point are:
    Box Blade
    Fork Lift
    Boom Pole
    Modified a Brinly 10" sleeve hitch plow to 3-point
    3-Point to Sleeve Hitch Adapter


    I also have a Brinly 12" plow that I have no problem pulling.
    Here's some pics.


    [attachment=234563:alice 1.jpg]
    [attachment=234564:alice 2.jpg]
    [attachment=234565:alice 3.jpg]
    [attachment=234566:alice 4.jpg]
    [attachment=234567:alice 5.jpg]
    [attachment=234568:alice 6.jpg]


    Links to the build threads:

    • May 08, 2017 10:46 AM
    • by KennyP