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John Deere WTF Pimp Ride

pa plow day

John Deere WTF Pimp Ride

Did you ever see one of those tractors that made you think WTF? This was it for me. It is the first time I have ever seen a pimped out garden tractor on 20" rims. Thankfully it was a John Deere....... j/k of course.

    George, Ive met that guy before and he is "unique" to say the least. To each his own and I'm sure he loves it, but I think it looks retarded personally. Did you look close under the hood at it?
      • NUTNDUN said thank you
    I didn't get a chance to look at it real close. I know I put WTF as the title but you are right in it is to each their own. As long as he enjoys it and had fun doing it is all that matters.
    I looked closer at his car. :confuse:

    I had one very similar to it in college... Volvo 144, his was the 142. He had done a very nice restoration on it.