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this snowblower rocks

    I had NH S12 and Ariens from 1972-1987 in Elburn, IL. They were real faithful workers, summer and winter. I had 48" mower, 54"blade, snow blower, wheel weights, chains, and wagon. In 1978 we had 4' of snow and we portaged the tractor over the drifts on 4x8 plywood to plow neighbors drives. We kept our road open though Rt # 30 (Lincoln Hwy) was closed.
    My father was a NH dealer in Wooster, OH (Lowe & Young)
    intersI had NH and Ariens garden tractors at Elburn, IL from 1972-1987 and they were very heavy construction and very durable. I mowed with S12 48" manual lift with 54'blade then winters had wheel weights and chains for snow plowing. We also had Ariens hydraulic lift with snow blower, and used the same blade, chains, and weights and a wagon.  In 1978 we had 4' of snow and kept the road open even when Rt # 30 (Lincoln Highway) was closed for a week. We portaged the tractor from drive to drive over the drifts to plow neighbors drives and pull cars out of ditches.Then after a move to Westerville, OH we used Steiners with 60" mower, blade, roller, snow blower, and wagon. Steiners are the best overall but $$$!