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Wheel Horse 857

Wheel Horse 857

Just painted this morning, 5 acres and bird craps on the hood

    Bolens 1000
    Jan 25, 2011 06:31 PM
    Nice Job
    Thanks. Let me tell you a story. When I got this tractor I friended a old guy down the road who has to have more Wheels Horses than any, about 200 and other old guys. I needed a new hood and got one from him. He also told me where serial number would be. I blasted, added filler and primed. Then I painted it last week. It would have to be the best I have done and maybe seen. I continued to put the dash after paint together and then the hood. It would not fit...Yiks, I was so pissed!!!. I called the old guy and he said "Did you check Serial Number" I had to say no, but then I did and he said oh thats a workhorse, I have a hood for that too, its just a little shorter. He than said you didnt paint it without checking fit or serial number... I have to say this guys has it all and I have a new respect for the other RED paint. They were way ahead of thier time. He has 2 D-160's with all attachments. They are animals. He wont sell them. I will own another soon, early 60's WH RJ something, 4HP.