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Garden Tractors and Parts on eBay



Found this cool site but thought there wasn't enough KUBOTA'S on it I Love my KUBOTA'S grew up on a berry farm using 1 of the 5 we had and still have for 20 years they are great garden tractors

    • V8Cowboy said thank you

    Nice kubota, Ive got one of these without any implements and trying to figure out some uses/acquire attachments for a hobby orchard/berry farm. What have you used yours for.

      • magicmike said thank you

    Thank You for your interest in my kubota. I have used this kubota for mowing one season while I went through my gas kubota(nothing wrong with it I'm just that anal), tilling of food plots on my property every year twice a year, snow and ice removal when it happens here in Arkansas, I rerouted a large long drainage ditch that runs from my woods through my yard further away from my house, pushing and pulling all kinds of fallen trees and just all kinds of things here at the house. Now on the berry farm we mostly used two of these same model kubotas for mowing our large blueberry,muscadine and raspberry farm. in the spring of every year we would plant a huge garden which we tilled with the kubota g4200. These machines for as small as they are are beast and mine with the lug tires will push/pull very heavy objects and all the while fit in places bigger tractors can't anyways sorry for the long post and if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask and enjoy your little diesel its fun to see all the things it can do when set up properly.   Again Thanks and enjoy your kubota.