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After her first bath.

Quick Manufacturing 62ab

This is my first antique tractor. I went to buy a swamp cooler and it was sitting in the guys front yard. I asked the guy what he'd sell it for, he thought a bill would scare me off, it didn't. Went back a week later and picked it up. It fit in the back of my Tahoe, and I was able to shut the doors.

Story on this is the guy used to ride it when he was a kid at his grandfather's house. I asked him if he knew anything about the machine, he said he didn't but would call and ask his grandfather. I waited while he chatted with him for a bit. Granddad said that they bought the tractor new from a Western Auto back in the 60's. Said he thought it was a Western Flyer. Wanna say that it was from Orland,California, but could have been from Willows. He stated that the tractor was the only one they had at that store, after it sat there for a while, he decided to buy it.

My goal is to clean it up, slap some paint on it and let another generation ride it around. I don't have grass, so it may never see that duty again. Might go gorilla mow one of my neighbors lawns.