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Event: Erie Michigan Plow Day July 13-14 2012

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Added by ksmith , Jun 15, 2012

Taking place Jul 14, 2012 (Single Day Event)


Wanted to post here that I'm hosting a garden tractor plow day in July...

It will be in Erie Michigan, on July, 13, from 6 pm to 8:30pm, and 14th, from 8 am to 4 pm.

We'll have a over 50 acres to turn. It will be wheat stubble that will be bailed, or chopped before we plow it. Most of the ground is sandy, and is very easy plowing.

The field is about 3.5 miles off I-75, very easy to get to. The address across the street from the field is...
1605 Lakeside Rd,
Erie, MI 48133

The road is kind of weird, it has 4 different names depending on what cross road you are at...
Luna Pier Rd, Lakeside Rd, M-151, Samaria Rd...

It will be open to any make of garden tractor, I'm not going to open it up to big tractors because the field wouldn't take very long to finish with large equipment.

I'll rent a port a pot, and we'll have a couple of coolers of water. Everyone would be responsible for their own food.

Since this is my parent's property I'd like to have no alcohol.

I should have 2 of my latest and coolest "Little Tractors" there. An all wheel drive diesel IH 1206, and a turbo charged diesel IH 1066 pulling tractor replica.

Thanks, Kurt

brushfiredesign at yahoo.com


Well 11 more days till plow day but whose counting LOL. Well Kurt is busy finishing up his latest master piece so I stopped by the plow field today and took some pictures. The wheat is off the field and ready to go.

For anyone that was there last year they also got the straw all off the field as well. So the issues we had last year with plugging up shouldn't happen this year.