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12th Annual Wheel Horse Show 2010


A BIG THANKS for coming to the 12th Annual Wheel Horse Show ! I wished we had more time to talk and to show you around a little more. Yes the parade is long at the Wheel Horse Show (2 hours this year) but you got off easy since my record is 2-1/2 hours for calling the Wheel Horses through the parade ! :say_what:

Wild Bill
hanks for having us Bill. We will try and plan ahead a little more for next years show and work on more details and some interviews and get some history on the club and show. The tech session video didn't turn out too good, it was a little too dark in the shed. I am going to see if I can brighten it up without loosing too much quality. I also have video to edit for Matt Nace and Randy Goodlings Wheel Dan and wrecker.

You definitely keep busy at the show :thumbs:
It was great talking with you again at the show this year. Randy and I both enjoy talking with the staff from GT-talk. You guys are very committed to capturing a good picture of the lawn and garden collector hobby. This website is by far the best website I've been on for discussion and talk. If anyone has time to stop by the gt-talk booth, buy a t-shirt, and get to know the guys a little, you will definately know you have met another good friend. Thanks for the time you spent with us a the wh show this year. I'm sure we'll be seein ya around
Those are great videos,must have been a great show...........The things I miss.:wallbanging:
god i would love to go to thisa show but is to far away here in iowa:mecry:
Sep 22, 2010 09:14 PM
This looks like a great time. Maybe I keep overlooking it but where is this show held???
It is in a small town called Arendtsville(sp?), right beside Gettysburg, PA