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Servicing Utility Trailer Hubs

trailer hubs trailer hub service


Thank you. A very detailed writeup on something we all should be more attentive to.
    • Oo-v-oO and bignick1 have said thanks

That's a good how-to. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Oo-v-oO said thank you

Great write up Oo-v-oO. Thanks for the contribution and helping others out.

Excellant job.  Photos are great.  Don't know how it could be any better!!!

Very good presentation.  Have used the hand method of packing bearings for years.  Bearing packers don't always get the entire bearing full.

Only tip I could ad would be to take the old race and rotate in on a grinding wheel while turning the race.  Keep it as even as possible.  Test fit it every bit of grinding as the goal is to get it ground just small enough to drop into the hub.  I start the new race just slightly making sure it is even all around.  Then I lay a piece of hard wood across the race and strike the board with a hammer, driving the race down till it is flush.  Check after ever strike to make sure the race is staying even. When the new race is flush, set the modified race on top of the new race, lay the wood on top and finish driving it down .  You will hear when it hits bottom.  Lift the race driver out with your finger.