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How To Repair A Plastic Shifter Knob

shifter knob repair


Utah Smitty
Nov 27, 2015 07:07 PM

Hmmmm... can't find a file to download.... what am I doing wrong?

    • AriensGT16 said thank you
Me either, don't see any file.
    • 29 Chev said thank you

He forgot to attach it I think.

    • 29 Chev said thank you

It was posted originally but seems to have disappeared - I have attached the article again

    • Kster526 said thank you
Thats neat, wonder if doing something similar would work on a steering wheel
    • 29 Chev said thank you
Feb 29, 2016 08:39 PM

Thanks for putting together this article!  It was very informative and has given me inspiration to repair one of the knobs on my JD 210.

    • 29 Chev and Kster526 have said thanks
Thanks for sharing this great idea that will surely come in handy.

It's working for me!

Apr 10, 2017 04:30 PM
That is so handy but sadly I have a knob for my blower that's beyond repair but hi still good to know
Ahhh J-B Weld... One of mankind's greatest inventions! Right up there with Duct Tape and Beer !!

Nice work.. I am in process of doing the same to restore a Power King steering wheel. Will post results if it works as planned.