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A Simple Tip to Make It Easier to Install Rear Wheels


I had that same problem the first few times I took the wheels off 1 of my cubs. Now I screw a bolt in one of the holes on the backside,Once I get the other 4 in finger tight ,I remove the 1 on the back and finish up. I used about 3 or 4 inch bolt,made it much easier to put on & off.,Eventually I would like to put new bolts on the backside with lugnuts,I do not wanna use press in type studs either,Also do not wanna drill out my rims and spend a ton of money doing it. lol
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Utah Smitty
Oct 14, 2012 07:34 PM
Using this method, you just screw a bolt in from the rear permanently, and use it to start the others. It's best to have beveled nuts or bolts to match the bevels in the wheel--ensures the wheel is centered. Having 1 regular nut & 4 beveled bolts should be fine. Also, at least on my Sears GT and SS tractors, the pilot hole in the wheel fits snugly on a boss on the hub which centers it as well.

I keep a set (2) of studs on top of my toolbox. I cut the heads off of two bolts the right size for my JD 210 and then cut a screwdriver slot in the end with a die grinder. I screw them in a little, hang the wheel, put in three of the wheel bolts and snug'em down. Then I remove the 2 studs with a screwdriver and install the other two wheel bolts and tighten them all.
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Thats all ways the problem getting your thingy in the hole Oh i mean trying to get the 7/16 Nf bolt on the hub i have had a hard time getting the tires on my h14 As i need to run spacers (1" round 7/16 hole by 1 5/8 ) i have also used a big nail to line the hub up with spacer then the rim

Install 7/16-20 x 1-1/2" long bolts with a washer from the back of the hub, then hang the wheels on the studs. Use 7/16-20 chrome lug nuts. Blue thread locker on the bolts where they screw into the hubs. There's a pic in my gallery. Take a peek-a-boo.  :thumbs:

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7/17-20 x 1 1/2" long bolts installed from back of the hub. Blue Threadlocker on threads that engage the hub.


Open end 7/16-20 acorn lug nuts. 


Hang the tire on, finish mount with the lug nuts. Done forever!



my method may be crude compared to what I read here , I take a dowel rod ( wood ) taper the end, tap it into top hole, lock the brake & hang wheel on it. works on a Panzer

I use a 7/16 fine thread bolt.  Cut the head off and put a little taper on the bolt.  Cut the thread end off leaving about 1/2 - 5/8" of thread.  Turn the bolt in from the outside to the end of the threads (1/2") then slide the wheel on, put 4 lugs in remove the line up stud with your fingers and put the other wheel lug in.  No reaching behind, not lock nuts just a simple line up stud. 


Some of you older gents may remember the small pins that were used for this purpose on some of the car wheels, I believe it was MOPAR that had them.