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Massey MF1650 Full Restoration

massey massey ferguson massey 1650 1650 restoration


You have one lucky nephew, that thing turned out great!
I just realized you and I have the same sandblaster or almost identical and the same motorcycle jack LOL
I agree with nutndun, you have one very lucky nephew! I hope to work over my MF12 over this next winter. Just depends if I can commandeer my pops garage long enough to get the job done (you know how pops are about their garages. lol)
That is just beautiful workmanship!
farmer john
Sep 11, 2012 08:21 PM
Beautiful tractor, very nice fix for a mower would never thought of it, do you need any more relatives ha ha, i am a recent retirey and looking to restore a toro gmt witch is a hesston front runner , a ferrie 48 walk behid, a toro 414-8, have you tried the electrolis method they posted on this site to remove rust? really enjoyed your post with the restroration timelime pics , i hate seeing the one before and after pic, this makes it real , best of luck on your next project . farmer john
Jan 21, 2016 09:38 PM

What a beautiful machine!

Very nice restoration. Very nice paint job. Glad to see you used the correct flint-metallic grey for the chassis and silver mist grey for grill and wheels. 3 point hitch also looks good in grey instead of red. It looks more like the big 200 series tractors. Did you relocate the transmission oil filter? I have not seen one mounted in that location before.