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Bush Hog D4-10 Garden Tractor Restoration


You did a great job on the restoration of your Bush Hog D4-10. I can only hope mine turns out half as nice if I restore it.
    • olcowhand said thank you
WOW! Really, REALLY nice job. That's a family heirloom now. Very nice and a great story. I need to take the time and document my next restore. I have an S-23 Speedex that is my next project. You have inspired me to do better with the pictures and writing.
    • olcowhand said thank you
Mar 17, 2012 06:44 AM
Great write up on your project Daniel, something to be proud of for sure! Thanks for the detailed pics.
    • olcowhand said thank you
nice machine!
    • olcowhand said thank you
Totally Awesome! It appears better than it did brand new! Amazing job and all the time spent you should be very proud of that tractor!
    • olcowhand said thank you
wow!!!!! you are good, you've got braggin rights go ahead on good job !!!
in Christ John3:5
    • olcowhand said thank you
I love reading this over & over. Always learn something new & shows hard work does pay off! Thanks for doing this Daniel!
    • olcowhand said thank you

Awesome. You are an inspiration.

    • olcowhand said thank you
tex tractor jack
Mar 30, 2013 11:43 AM

Daniel,   I finally got around to reading this. You have done a outstanding job  on the tractor, it looks better than when I saw them new. A great job of photos and reporting. You are a great insperation for all of us that have G.T.s to restore.

    • olcowhand said thank you