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REO Motors History

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I acquired one of these slant engines a couple of years ago.  Had little idea of its history-thanks!

    • superaben said thank you

i bought a 1952 REO royale deluxe for 5$

Runs and mows like a dream

What would this be worth?

I've had one about 4 years now. Runs great.

 When I was younger, my first job was working at Eckharts, a lawn mower and garden repair shop that used to be in Dallas Pa. Floyde Hoover was frequent customer and a down right good elderly gentelman.

 He showed me pictures of his homebuilt tractor from a 1939 Chevy.

 One day he showed up with his 1935 REO 4 door sedan. My boss let me go for a ride with Floyde. I will never forget the grind while shifting or sitting in the mole-skinned seat, not original to the vehicle but went well with it.

 Life moves on just like hitting the fast foreward button and several years later I shifted to bodywork only to find my next task was the 35 REO to repair all bodywork flaws and get ready for a final spray. There is a lot of surface area on that auto. He loved the final job. 1935 was the last year  of the automobile era. He told me about how Rio moved into building trucks, but never knew that they offspranged to lawncare products. Thank you for a history lesson and thank you for your knowledge and effort to pass on.