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My Trip Back In Rototiller History

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josh deaven
Jul 13, 2012 07:35 PM
very interresting.
    • earthgrinder said thank you
Bolens 1000
Jul 15, 2012 06:51 AM
Great article! :thumbs:
    • earthgrinder said thank you
Utah Smitty
Jul 15, 2012 11:15 PM
Great Article. I love TroyBilt tillers. Their newer stuff leaves something to be desired, but, that's the way most garden equipment has gone.

We inherited a 30+ year old TroyBilt Horse Tiller from my wife's family. Her brother wanted to junk it because he couldn't get it to start. I took the carb off the 8hp Kohler Magnum engine, cleaned thoroughly with carb cleaner, reinstalled and fired it up. Did my garden and a couple others for two years until the sparkplug stripped out of the hole when I was replacing it.

I installed a 6.5 hp HF Predator engine on it this spring--almost a direct bolt-up, with the exception of the reversing wheel, which has a 3/8" hole, while the hole in the Predator engine is 5/16". I took a 5/16" locknut and used my 10" HF hobby lathe to turn it down to 3/8" diameter, leaving a shoulder on it, and drilled out the center to 5/16". Voila! an adapter to keep the reverse wheel spinning true.

Only problem I have is the engine cuts out when it's tilling deep... I need to look at the low oil shutoff and bypass it....Anyway I still did 4 gardens with it this year. It was bought in 1977, the year after we were married, so it's 35 years old and still going strong.
    • earthgrinder said thank you
Great job, I love looking at history.
    • earthgrinder said thank you
Very nice article. slkpk
    • earthgrinder said thank you
Oct 03, 2012 06:34 AM
Great article, thank you for taking the time to share it.
    • earthgrinder said thank you
Great machine the Troy. I have a TB "Horse" I bought new in 1978, and the 7 horse Kohler runs as good today as it did then! :-)
    • earthgrinder said thank you
You could put a heili-coil in the spark plug socket--- works like a charm and saves a lot of drilling. Not near as much fun as really '"fixing" it though.
dodge trucker
Dec 18, 2012 08:45 PM

You could put a heili-coil in the spark plug socket--- works like a charm and saves a lot of drilling. Not near as much fun as really '"fixing" it though.

I agree. that magnum probably had a bunch more hours left in it, or I'm sure you coulda found a good used head and swapped on; You say this was a 1977 model? I did not think the Magnum engines came out til the Mid 80s; they are identical to the K series other than having elec ignition instead of points; and have a bunch of interchange; What became of that Kohler? I have 2 here that I could use various parts for.... both a Magnum "m8" and an older K 181....
Dave Central NY
Mar 26, 2013 11:15 AM

I went there in 1976 had a broken leg at the time and couldn't do much else. I went out to pick up a Troybilt Horse with the 6 horse Techumseh engine. My neighbor wanted me to get a Pony model for him but I was able to convince him to get the Horse. Both tillers are still going strong with only normal maintenance and new bolo tines when they wear out  Great tillers. two of them will fit in the back of a Chevy Suburban.

    • earthgrinder said thank you
Mar 26, 2013 12:55 PM

I have my parents 1979 Horse, which they bought new.  Replaced some seals, tines, and rebuilt the carburetor.  Still runs strong and is so easy to start.  A simple well built tiller.

I have a 96 Troy-Bilt tiller (Tuffy) & 2010 42" cut lawn tractor (Pony) and have had many others over my lifetime.

    • earthgrinder said thank you
Enjoyed reading this , thanks for the effort. Well done.
    • earthgrinder said thank you

Great read, must have been something to stand in that empty place where so many machines were made that are still running strong today. I have my Papaw's '80 Horse and it is a beast. When I til gardens for friends, they are in awe of how it effortlessly tills up even new sod. 

    • earthgrinder said thank you