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June 2016: Cub Cadet Original


Nice job
    • zippy1 said thank you

Congratulations - looks very nice.  Did the seat have a cover on it originally or was it just painted as you have it now?

    • zippy1 said thank you

Thank you all who voted for my Cub Original. It was a labor of love, and frustration.

But last time I checked my tractor was tied with that very nice Fairbanks Morse with 9 votes each. So shouldn't we both have won the honor?

As to the question from 29 Chev, no the seat was pretty much shot, full of rust, cracks and a bunch of welds over the years. I cut it out and replaced the bottom where the seat mount bracket is.

Again, thanks to everyone here on GTT.

    • 29 Chev said thank you

Congrats Todd! You have one of the nicest, correct restored original I have seen!

    • zippy1 said thank you

Definitely one of the best ! It is especially nice to see the fuel line done correctly ! Thanks for sharing with us.

    • zippy1 said thank you


 Congratulations! And well deserved! This is one awesome Cub Original!



    • zippy1 said thank you

Thank you all for the kind words, greatly appreciated.

Jun 25, 2016 09:42 AM
Looks good Todd, you do good work.