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July 2015: Kubota G6200

My 83 year old Grandfather finally decided to downsize to a smaller piece of property this year, and no longer needed his 1988 Kubota G6200, now referred to as the "Grampus". A brief history lesson for everyone to understand how this G6200 came to be known as the "Grampus". In the early 1950s my...

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6th Annual PA Plow Day Danville, PA 2011

The 6th Annual PA Plow Day was a great time. This year we decided to get a hotel room so we wouldn't have to drive back and forth and it was actually cheaper staying then it would have been paying for gas. We got up to Danville around 8am on Friday. The weather Friday was absolutely perfect. When...

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Bolens Tractors: The Tube Frame Series 1962-1978

Some Background information:The Bolens tube frame tractors were made for a total of 16 years. Although these garden tractors were small, they were built to last and withstand almost any task that you would throw at them. Bolens ingenious invention of shaft driven attachments and fast switch attac...

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