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July 2016: General Electric E15

I'd like to nominate my 1970 General Electric E15, I got this a few yrs ago in a package deal with 4 other GE tractors, attachments and parts. I sold most of the package off in including the E15. The fellow I sold the E15 lost interest in it and sold it back to me. This tractor was complete and n...

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Proper way of setting up a one bottom plow

A plow should be run no deeper than about 1/2 it's plowing width, so a 10" plow should run no deeper than 5". The best way to set one up is to first determine the depth you'll be plowing. If 5", then run your left tires up on 5" blocks to mimic plowing position. Then adjust the side to side tilt...

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Bolens Tractors: The Tube Frame Series 1962-1978

Some Background information:The Bolens tube frame tractors were made for a total of 16 years. Although these garden tractors were small, they were built to last and withstand almost any task that you would throw at them. Bolens ingenious invention of shaft driven attachments and fast switch attac...

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