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Waterloo MODEL 20

waterloo walk behind

Introduced in 1949, the Model 20 sported a more powerful 2 hp Clinton engine.

While it would be simple to say that the basic unit remained largely unchanged from the Model 15, at some point between the model 15 sn 1205 and model 20 sn 3066, Waterloo changed the bend at the rear of the frame, where the handlebars mount, from 32* to 38* thereby raising the hand grips by 4".

Sometime after sn 3066, Waterloo switched from flat bar to round rod for the X bracing between the handles. While the flat bar X was two pieces that overlapped in the middle, the round rod was two pieces that met in the middle, i.e. )(.

See the TechWiki on the Model 15 for more info.

Photos below are unverified examples. The last 2 (red tractors) are verified model 20s. Note the last red tractor sports the round rod X and is sn 66xx. It also uses a D700 2138 Clinton.
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Attached Image: dscf0001vx.jpg Attached Image: model 20 left side.jpg Attached Image: model 20 right side.jpg Attached Image: $_20-2JPG.JPG Attached Image: confirmed 20 2013-09-08 15.47.11.jpg

Model Number: 20
Engine(s) Used: BB704AOA, d700-2138
Drive Type: Manual
Transmission: N/A
PTO: Front, Mid Mount
Mid Mount Mower Size:
Production From: 1949
Production To:
Rear Lift: N/A
Original Selling Price:
Weight: 210
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Wheelbase: N/A
Front Tire Size:
Rear Tire Size: 5.00 x 12
Brake System: No Brakes
Electrical Ground: N/A
Electrical Voltage: N/A
Belt Sizes:
Footnotes: Attached Image: confirmed 20 2013-09-08 15.47.11.jpg Attached Image: $_20-2JPG.JPG Flyer: http://gardentractor...right side.jpg]