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Waterloo MODEL 15

walk behind waterloo

Two wheeled walk behind tractor made by The Waterloo Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in Waterloo, Ontario. It sported a 1.5 hp Clinton engine and a 1" solid axle with ratchet hubs. Tire bolt pattern is 5 on 4.5".

It is most easily identified by the flat-bar "X" pattern between the handlebars and the number 130-27 embossed on the left side of the trans-axle housing. Later & higher models seem to have used round rod for the "X" pattern.

There is also a makers tag on the front left side of the frame, below the engine.

With a 26:1 reduction gearbox driving a set of 5.00 x 12 tires (67" circumference), a 2:8 drive:driven pulley setup produces a top speed of 2.2 mph at 3600 rpm. A 3:7 setup yields 3.7 mph.

The 5.00 x 12 tires give it a ground clearance of about 10". The tread width could be adjusted from 15" to 25" by sliding the hubs and lock collars along the axle.

Front mounted implements (such as a sickle mower, counter weight, or plow) rests on two studs on the front of the tractor. It is held firm by a 3/8"-16 x 7" carriage bolt, which goes through a tube welded to the frame under the engine, and a wing nut.

A direct competitor of the Simplicity Models A through D. The attachment are said to be interchangeable, but that has not been confirmed at this point. Of note, the A & B models did not have implement attachment points on the handlebars, as does the Model 15, giving those implements less support and putting more weight & stress on the Simplicity rear hitch. The Simplicity front hitch differed substantially from that of the Waterloo.

The example in the attached picture has the wrong engine on it and is not the original colour. The fourth picture shows the tractor's original, but faded, paint.

I am unsure of the original engine. The Model 500 was the only 1.5 hp Clinton being manufactured prior to 1949 but it looks wrong. The Model 300 and 300-350 look correct, but they are 1.6 hp. The B-700 replaced the 500 in 1949, which is the year Waterloo introduced the Model 20 which sported a 2 hp engine.
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Attached Image: IMG_1506 - Copy.JPG Attached Image: IMG_1507 - Copy.JPG Attached Image: IMG_1516.JPG Attached Image: Model 15 drive unit 3.JPG Attached Image: IMG_1537.JPG

Model Number: 15
Engine(s) Used:
Drive Type: Manual
Transmission: N/A
PTO: Front, Mid Mount
Mid Mount Mower Size:
Production From:
Production To: 1949
Rear Lift: N/A
Original Selling Price:
Weight: 210
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Wheelbase: N/A
Front Tire Size:
Rear Tire Size: 5.00 x 12
Brake System: No Brakes
Electrical Ground: N/A
Electrical Voltage: N/A
Belt Sizes: 4L420 for a 2:8 or 3:7 drive:driven pulley setup.
Footnotes: Attached Image: IMG_1537.JPG Manual: http://gardentractor...-owners-manual/