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John Deere 140

The John Deere model 140 was built in Horicon, Wisconsin. There was two basic versions, the 140H1 and the 140H3. The H3 featured three hydraulic valves, providing the ability to operate multiple attachments. Also, the 140H3 came factory with lights.


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Model Number: 140
Engine(s) Used: K-301, K-321
Drive Type: Hydrostatic
Transmission: Sundstrand 15
PTO: Front
Mid Mount Mower Size: 48"
Production From: 1968
Production To: 1974
Rear Lift: Hydraulic
Original Selling Price:
Weight: 740
Length: 68"
Width: 40"
Wheelbase: 46"
Front Tire Size: 16x6.50-8, 4.80/4.00-8
Rear Tire Size: 23x8.50-12, 23x10.50-12
Brake System: Drum Brake
Electrical Ground: Negative Ground
Electrical Voltage: 12V
Belt Sizes:

In 1968 the John Deere 140 had a 12hp K301AS. For 1969, the 140 received a 15% upgrade in power with a move to the 14 horsepower Kohler cast iron K321AS. Also new for the '69 model was individual rear brakes. These allowed sharper turns, as well as the ability to feather a wheel if it was spinning. A change a little more difficult to detect was a switch to a true three spool valve on the H3 models. At Serial number 30001, for the 1971 model year a change was made in the type of hydrostatic unit used. This change incorporated a pinion and ring gear design rather than the bull gears used on previous models. The rear axle diameter was also increased. Rear brakes were changed for the disc type used up to this time to a more reliable drum brake system. Individual rear wheel brakes were retained on the H3 models. Other changes were made throughout the run from the 1968 through 1974 model years. Additional John Deere attachments were added such as the 54C center mounted grader blade and the 542 front mounted PTO.
Summary by Robb Kruger