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Gilson 16

montgomery wards

Gilson's S-Frame series was so tough that they were pricing themselves out of the market. As a result, to compete, they introduced a not so tough but still powerful model to replace each S-Frame model. Confusingly, each bears the same model name. However, these tractors are not to be confused with the early 1970-1975 models. These have much more plastic and vertical shaft engines.

The tractors were still offered with your choice of four speed transmission or hydro.
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Attached Image: IMG_5887.JPG

Model Number: GIL*****
Engine(s) Used:
Drive Type: Manual
Transmission: N/A
Mid Mount Mower Size:
Production From: 1976
Production To: 1981
Rear Lift: N/A
Original Selling Price:
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Wheelbase: N/A
Front Tire Size:
Rear Tire Size:
Brake System: N/A
Electrical Ground: Negative Ground
Electrical Voltage: 12V
Belt Sizes:
Footnotes: Attached Image: IMG_5887.JPG